No More Political Ads on My Site…

Due to the fact that I’ve been getting a lot of flack for having any “FREE” political ads on my site from folks that either think one thing or another… AND THE BULLSH*T campaign rules that state what I can and cannot do on my website…

I’ve removed all political ads I had on this site.

If you are a politician interested in running an ad on my site… I’m sorry, I just don’t want to deal with all the BS that goes with it.

Politicians can still send me press releases and other information… and I will continue to post the information I WANT TO POST on my site… with out getting crap from those that I don’t post their literature from at times!

5 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, the game of politics gets in the way of the real issues that a news source like this tries to focus on. As a candidate for congress in D2, I understand and support your decision. I hope you now feel free to publish what the people of Hawaii need to know, not what others tell you they need to know.

  2. Thanks, Damon, for taking initiative, and trying to keep voters informed.
    Regrettably, you have experienced the difference between the leading edge and the bleeding edge.
    Be assured, candidates (at least this one!) can relate to your difficulty in comprehending the wild, wild world of campaign finance rules. The absolute necessity of countering big money in politic$ has some perverse effects.
    I’d like to know more, some time, about what has happened…
    Meanwhile, keep being Damon. It is good for the world.

  3. I don’t get it — were the people whining because they wanted someone else in some race and you weren’t running their guys’ ads or were you getting flack because someone thought you were endorsing someone or what?

  4. I love your blog despite the whining bullshit cry babies. Thank you for being up to the minute with what’s happening. You put the Trib to shame.

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