North Hawaii Community Hospital Halts Delivering Babies From Anyone Not Within a Particular Zip Code

North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH) was designed to support a maximum of 550 births each year.

Last year, 663 babies were delivered, and that number is on pace to exceed 700 births in 2012. At present, 51% of the births at North Hawaii Community Hospital are from women who live outside of the hospital’s service area. To ease overcrowding and preserve patient safety, NHCH’s Waimea Women’s Center will only accept new maternal care patients who live within the hospital’s defined service area starting today May 11, 2012.

“Unfortunately, overcrowding has become a very real and growing problem. NHCH cannot continue to serve the entire island with over half of the babies delivered coming from women who live outside our North Hawaii service area. Our commitment is to reduce overcrowding, preserve safety, improve patient satisfaction and maintain our NHCH program where midwives are an integral part of our maternal care program,” said Ken Wood, NHCH’s President and CEO.

Six weeks ago NHCH formed an internal Maternal Care Work Group comprised of three doctors, one midwife, six nurses and three staff members to evaluate NHCH issues of overcrowding, safety, patient satisfaction, and financial and  resource implications. The NHCH executive team deliberated the Maternal Care Work Group recommendations and weighed additional input from the hospital’s Board of Directors, NHCH’s Community Advisory Board, and public input facilitated by the Waimea Community Association. By the end of this review process, overriding safety concerns prompted the executive team to take immediate action. “Before arriving at this tough decision to reduce NHCH volume to a safe and sustainable level by defining maternal care access by service area, we wanted to be sure that women from around the island would have access to maternal care services,” stated Wood. “We believe there is adequate maternal care capacity with OBs and Family Practice physicians who practice in the Hilo and Kona service areas,” stated Wood.

Defining the NHCH Maternal Care Service Area

NHCH’s overall hospital service area is defined by the Hawaii County Emergency Medical Response zone, which is the area north of a line roughly running from Laupahoehoe on the Hamakua coast across the Saddle to Kukio in North Kona.

Effective today, May 11, 2012, NHCH will only offer maternal care services to women whose primary address is within this EMT area. Residence zip code will determine eligibility for maternal health care services at the NHCH Waimea Women’s Center.

The following towns and zip codes are included in NHCH’s maternal care service area:

  • 96719 Hawi
  • 96764 Laupahoehoe
  • 96727 Honokaa
  • 96774 Ookala
  • 96738 Waikoloa
  • 96776 Paauilo
  • 96743 Kamuela
  • 96780 Papaaloa
  • 96755 Kapaau Kukio/Hualalai Only

This change impacts all new maternal care appointments, and exceptions will not be made. Women who are already active and registered in a course of maternal care treatment with Waimea Women’s Center can complete their care with NHCH.

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  2. Exceptions are already being made! Kukio/Hualalai are in the 96740 area code, yet the rest of the women within that area code are being excluded. It doesn’t seem consistent. What about Pu’uanahulu? It’s in the same 96740 area code and it’s even closer to the hospital.

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