Molokai Bakery Fined $90,000 for Unsanitary Conditions, Sold Products Statewide

The Hawai‘i State Department of Health (DOH) has issued a Notice of Violation and Order against Kanemitsu Inc. and George Kanemitsu dba Kanemitsu Bakery for selling, offering for sale, and distributing food products manufactured and prepared at its facility under unsanitary conditions.

Kanemitsu’s Bakery on Molokai

A penalty of $90,000 has been issued for violations of Hawai‘i Revised Statutes sections 328-6 that occurred from March 7 to March 8, 2012. Kanemitsu Bakery owns and operates the facility on the island of Moloka‘i, where baked goods and other food products are manufactured and distributed statewide under the Kanemitsu Bakery brand.

On March 7, an inspection by the DOH uncovered serious deficiencies in the maintenance and manufacturing practices conducted at the facility, including: improper cleaning and sanitizing of cooking implements and surfaces, inadequate control of rodents, lack of hot water, and general unsanitary conditions.

The bakery was instructed not to manufacture, sell, or distribute any products until the deficiencies had been corrected. The violations leading to the $90,000 fine occurred when the bakery continued to offer products for sale prior to DOH lifting its order to suspend operations.

On March 9, DOH determined that the bakery had successfully corrected its major violationsand has since been allowed to continue its business. The bakery is being required to address remaining deficiencies and develop a maintenance plan to ensure unsanitary conditions do not reoccur. No illnesses related to the consumption of food from the facility have been reported.

Kanemitsu Bakery Inc. was subjected to an enforcement action by DOH in August 2000 for similar unsanitary conditions.

The DOH protects public health by ensuring food products are safe. DOH programs conduct inspections of establishments statewide where food products are prepared, manufactured, distributed, or sold. Programs also investigate complaints and collect samples for laboratory testing to determine compliance with product standards.

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