Sunday Drive – What Cell Phone Law?

You have to love our county State workers cruising around in our county State cars on the weekends talking on their cell phones.

Got Cell Phone? Photo by C. Watanabe

*Update* I have been informed that this is a State Department of Land and Natural Resources Enforcement vehicle.

4 Responses

  1. State Law in Hawaii gives an exception to the cell phone law for law enforcement on duty. Officers often have to call and make checks via telephone as well as make contact with a complainant to gather more information about a call for service while they are in route to that call. DLNR conservation officers do not have a full time police dispatch service or mobile data computers and often have to run checks via dispatch that would normally be run by city police over the radio or through their Mobile Data Computer. Our DLNR officers are grossly under manned and under paid in relation to other states and they have a great responsibility in trying to protect our beautiful natural resources so you might consider giving this officer the benefit of the doubt. At least he is out on the road working and not hiding out some place trying to avoid being criticized by members of the public who do not appreciate their service.

  2. well in fairness to this officer, law enforcement is exempt when on official duties.

  3. I have over twenty years of government (fed, state, county) employment. There are many good government employees.

    On the other hand, as the picture implies, there are plenty of assclowns who, sadly, couldn’t find their own ass with both hands if you gave the a flashlight and a two week headdress.

    They get hired because they know somebody.

  4. thats a State of Hawaii DLNR game warden. not county.

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