Pahoa Town Under Surveillance – Street Cameras Installed

Pahoa Village and in particular the town section of it, has long had a reputation of having many problems.  A few years back the Town was a recipient for Federal funding for “Weed and Seed” programs that brought cameras in to town and established laws that would make dealing drugs more punishable.

Well the cameras in town didn’t last long and they really didn’t seem to be very effective in cleaning up the problems that Pahoa was having.

This morning, I just noticed that quietly the county has installed cameras throughout the town:

This camera is set up near Kaleo's Restaurant pointed towards Luquins Restaurant

I’m not exactly sure who is monitoring these cameras and/or who paid for them… but they look pretty high-tech.

It looks like some of them may be powered by solar panels, I just can't tell

I wonder if they are being recorded 24/7 or just being monitored when needed?

This one was in front of Luquins pointing towards Kaleos Restaurant

Some of the cameras looked like they may have the ability to look 360 degrees.

There are two cameras in this picture. I believe the round one w/ the bubble covering it can view 360 degrees.

Let’s see if this solves some of the problems we are having… or just creates more!

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