Big Island to Host the Hawaii State Association of Counties Annual Conference

The spotlight is set on County of Hawai‘i, as the County Council hosts the Hawai‘i State Association of Counties (HSAC) Annual Conference.

The conference will be held on June 21-22, 2012, at the Hāpuna Beach Prince Hotel and is open to the public. This premiere conference is attended by Federal, State and County government officials as well as business leaders to discuss and address timely and important issues relevant to Hawai‘i and the Asia-Pacific Region.

The theme of this years’ conference is “E Hō‘a Ka Hawai‘i” “Ignite and Illuminate Hawai‘i.” Participating coordinators will showcase the unique qualities of the State of Hawai‘i, and its importance in the global arena towards advancing positive decisions for the future.

Council Chair Dominic Yagong, who is also this years’ conference chair said, “We are extremely delighted and excited to host this conference. We are sure it will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We encourage you to plan ahead and book early to ensure you are accommodated.”

Hawai‘i County Clerk Jamae Kawauchi adds, “This conference is an opportunity to make connections and to participate in decision-making concerning critical issues such as job creation, renewable energy, and food security. How will Hawai’i stay uniquely “Hawai’i”, and at the same time, achieve a place of importance in a modern global economy? What are the “big ideas” that we can all agree on and how will we create public and private partnerships to achieve these ideas? These are the important issues of today that will be discussed at the conference. All are welcome to participate and to share in the solutions.”

HSAC Vice President (and Council Vice Chair) Angel Pilago said, “We invite everyone to come and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to participate in discussions and decisions that affect the future of Hawai‘i. Panelists will focus on important topics designed to improve our economy by bringing sustainability and diversity to our state. The conference brings together important leaders from government, business and the community for the common goal of highlighting the importance  of the State of Hawai‘i as the world moves closer to global economic and environmental initiatives.”

Detailed registration information is available at

Thursday June 21

Friday June 22

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