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More on Taxpayers Saving Money on Public Notices Being Electronically Published

From the Legal Notice Blog:

A referendum vote in Anchorage, Alaska on defining what “publishing” is for legal notices determined that it did *NOT* involve printing them in newspapers. The people of Anchorage will save well over $100,000.

The definition of publishing a notice prior to yesterday was : “PRINTED AT LEAST ONCE IN AT LEAST ONE NEWSPAPER OF GENERAL CIRCULATION WITHIN THE MUNICIPALITY”.  Publishing a notice is now defined “to cause to be posted on a municipal website designated for public notices”.

Over 60% of the Anchorage voters on Tuesday April 3 voted to change the definition of publishing in Anchorage, AK.

In Texas and in Colorado, the public has voted overwhelmingly voted to move notices out of newspapers.

Politicians, who are afraid of the newspapers withholding their endorsements, have been consistently voting this issue down. But voters who are unafraid of the newspapers handle the excess expense of publishing notices in print responsibly by voting to move the notices out of newspapers.

The media wonders why our estimation of those in politics is so low.

One Response

  1. Hey Damon,
    We love you spreading the word of the movement of public notices on line but you could at least give us a link or attribution if you are going to use our stuff. http://legal-notice.org/blog . Keep up the good work.

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