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  1. I thought I recognized somethine from a song! Thanks Heleo!

  2. Part of it is mnemonic drivel Hā – Wai – ʻĪ = Hawaiʻi [feh]. Part of it is out of the song “Kamaliʻi o ka pō” Wākea is the sky, Papa is the ground. That which is above belongs above, that below belongs below. The last two lines “O ka pono no ia e. E ola kākou e” is inconsistently marked, but roughly means “It is right indeed. Let us all live.” Somebody went through some effort to create a sign that borders on capricious use of Hawaiian.

  3. Hmmm, have to work on that. But if you want to read the Bill of Rights in Hawaiian and English, go to Molokai Advertiser-News online http://www.molokaiadvertiser-news.com/__Bill%20of%20Rights12-15-11.pdf
    and it is right on the front page and page 2.

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