Mayor Kenoi Political Funding Summary… There’s a New Tool in Town

There is a great website that was created by Jared Kuroiwa to analyze local politicians political funding and expenditures and while the site doesn’t really have a name because it’s more of a tool… I’ll simply dub it Hawaii’s Political Funding Sources for Local Politicians.

I pulled these graphs from the site about Mayor’s Kenoi’s source of funding… feel free to click the links to get more details and deeper into the lists.

Mayor Kenoi’s Top Individual Donors:

Click for full list

Kenoi’s Top Organizational Donors:

Click for full list

Kenoi’s Top Campaign Expenditures

Click for full list of expenditure

I’m only posting a few of things listed on Mayor’s Kenoi’s link on the site since he is our Mayor here on the Big Island.  You can check out other politicians from Governor Abercrombie to folks who haven’t even been elected like Zendo Kern.

Interestingly enough, Mayor Kenoi ranks number 5 in the state in the amount of funds that he has received:

Click for complete list and ranking of funding

So no matter where you live in the State of Hawaii… Feel free to check out the site to find out where your local politician is getting their money from and where it’s going during this campaign season… The Politician List.

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