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Tomorrow – Eddie Aikau Restaurant to Hold Fundraiser for Mike Prickett

The Eddie Aikau Restaurant in Kings’ Shops, Waikoloa Beach Resort, will hold a fundraiser for Mike Prickett, the underwater filmmaker who was recently injured in a diving accident, on Wednesday, March 28, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.   The fundraiser coincides with other support activities around the state and nationally, as part of the “Pray for Prickett” campaign.

Prickett, a longtime friend of the Aikau family, was working on a film shoot in Tahiti when the accident occurred.  Prickett dove 220 feet to save the life of another diver, suffered from severe decompression sickness and was paralyzed from the chest down.  After many hours in the hyperbaric chamber in Papeete, Prickett is showing some improvement and doctors are optimistic about his recovery.

The Aikau family is asking for the community’s help with Mike’s medical expenses and will be collecting donations at the restaurant during regular hours on Wednesday.

“We were all so upset and concerned when we heard about Mike,” said Linda Gillette Aikau, restaurant co-owner with husband Solomon Aikau, Eddie’s brother.  “He is the sweetest guy you ever want to meet, and we thought—well, Wednesday is Karaoke Night and a good excuse for a lot of people to come to the restaurant and have fun, so why not make it a fundraiser to help with his medical?”

Any amount is appreciated, large or small.  Donations of $25 or more will earn an “Eddie Would Go” bumper sticker, and other prizes may be available.  For more information, check Eddie Aikau Restaurant on Facebook or call 886-8433.


Eddie Aikau Restaurant in Kings’ Shops, Waikoloa Beach resort, is locally-owned and operated by members of the Aikau Family who live on Hawai‘i Island.  Supporting the best of Big Island agriculture and aquaculture with Contemporary Hawaiian Cuisine, sharing memorabilia from Eddie’s big wave surf career, the restaurant is a living tribute to a Hawaiian hero.  www.facebook.com/EddieAikauRestaurant, (808) 886-8433.

One Response

  1. Hope all went well at the dinner n thank you to the Aikau family,and everyone else for their support. What a thoughtful brave man.. He deserves great friends like you, sorry i could not attend however if i can help in any way i should be in Hawaii by may 10th… you can also reach me on facebook……..

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