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Does My Blog Load Really Slow For You?

Many of us folks that understand internet bandwidth and how the State of Hawaii is currently investigating and researching ways to improve internet bandwidth speeds across the state, often don’t think about how our own sites may be viewed upon others as most of our stuff is already cached in our systems.

I’m looking at ways of making my site more easily accessible to those folks that are grumbling that my site takes to long to load up.

I’ve decreased the amount of posts per front page from 20 to 5 and when I have time I will be consolidating my neighbor island blogs into a “Blogroll” feature that wordpress uses for blogroll’s however I opted out trying to mix in a little of my own HTML coding and I think that might be slowing things down as well.

In the next few days… I will be changing a few things and hopefully this will make loading my site much more pleasurable for those that are having trouble with it.

Any geeks want to weigh-in and and any Big Island Bloggers want to be part of my new Blogroll I create on this site?

5 Responses

  1. Hi! Happy to find a fellow big island blogger! Can I link your blog to my site?

    NeNe Monster
    nicole :)

  2. It “loads” fine but something- I think it’s that “Follow” button on the left because it started happeneing when you put that up- locks it from scrolling for 5 (maybe even 10) seconds… same thing happens when I go to “next page”

  3. Aloha,

    A few days ago, you asked readers to provide feedback as to load speed. It’s been on my mind since then and I wanted to tell you the page loads quickly. That’s significant to you because my down pipe is 1Mbps, max. I don’t know what percentage of your readers are using dial up to access, but to satisfy them you would just about have to eliminate images altogether.

  4. seems fine to me

  5. ” internet bandwidth speeds ” LOL.

    Damon, speeds fluctuate for me on many sites, yours hasnt seemed slower than any others. I’d say no problems here.

    What is the physical location of the hosting server? Perhaps that may be an issue?

    Host it in Chattanooga, Tn as it was just rated as having the largest portal to the internet in the country. (this by word of mouth, so I can offer nothing else to substantiate this info )

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