Pictures and Video of Kauai Flooding – Why Do Folks Cross Bridges that are Flooded Over?

Kauai is getting hit hard with rain… pictures and videos are starting surface of some of the flooding that is going on.

This photo was posted on facebook by Brittney Rivera :

Hanalei, Kauai. is flooded. This is Hanalei on there way to crossing the bridge. The only way they transported people to the other side. Photo by Britney Rivera

Why do folks cross bridges that are flooded over and potentially weakened?  Yes, I know… to get to the other side.

This video clip was uploaded earlier by Gabrielle Morris:


Here is a picture uploaded to facebook by Mike Neal of a before and after shot of a valley on Kauai:

This is a youtube clip uploaded by a lady who was sent home from work because of the flooding:


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  1. Just left Kauai two days ago! I took exactly the same picture of the green fields as the one above. Can’t believe it’s full of water now! Love love love Kauai :)

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