Nasty Wreck in Front of Malama Market in Pahoa

Well its been a while since I’ve posted pictures of wrecks along Highway 130.  It’s definitely not because they aren’t happening… I just haven’t felt the need to document all of them and I don’t want the police to have any reason to give me grief just for taking pictures on the side of the road.

Today I drove past another nasty wreck in front of Malama Market.  A little while later, someone posted the following picture on facebook stating “Drive Safely”!

Wreck occurred about 2:00 today in front of Malama Market in Pahoa. Photo by Shyanna Robinson

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  1. I was in the first vehicle that was hit and the man was completely incoherant. I want to thank (especially kenui meyers & sheldon Pacaro) and all those people for helping me out and giving the police information, as a lot of witnesses came forward. Thank you!!!

  2. This happened right in front of me. I was devastated. My husband helped the passengers get out as well as many others helped the driver and a small child. The other car hit two vehicles in the parking lot as well before hitting this van. I pray that the people will recover and the driver of the other vehicle as well.

    Morningstar Wolf

    • My husband and our 4 year old were just pulling away from the stop sign when it felt like we were hit by a bomb. The driver of the other car you see in the photo was extremely drunk (3 times the limit) and trying to flee the scene of hitting other parked cars in the Malama market parking lot. He hit us going so fast that we flipped and flew a long way before landing on our roof. We did’nt know what hit us. We are so thankful to everyone, including your husband who helped us! We are extremely lucky to have walked away from this. We are injured, but will recover. Sadly ,our much loved Jeep is toast, and we have to buy a replacement . I did not purchase the replacement insurance because we are safe drivers….this is a reminder to all that there is nothing you can do to prevent a drunk driver rear-ending you! At least it shows that wearing your seat belts is essential…we would not be alive otherwise.Again,MAHALO, to all the kind people who helped us, and anyone know of a reasonably priced SUV (with air bags) for sale?

      • Kelly we are so relieved that you are going to recover and I hope all will be well for you and your family. This accident affected all of us that were involved and watched it took me a few days to recover from being a witness right behind you. I will continue good thoughts for your full recovery and a suv for you and your family.

        Morningstar Wolf

  3. Wow!!
    Somebody had to be travelling fast to result in a rollover…

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