Puna Resident Theorizes on Mysterious Puna Explosion

*Editors Note* This is just one persons theory on what MAY have happened. In no way… no how… have I verified anything this person has commented on below. Please do not take any statement for fact.

Inside the Puna Geothermal Ventures plant in Puna, Hawaii

Dear Damon, My name is Athena Peanut, I live in Kalapana Seaview. I offer the following information that has direct bearing on the many unanswered questions about the mysterious Puna explosion, 2/21/12:

  1. I was home and heard that explosion at approximate 8:45 am and my first thought was it came from PGV; sounded just like the geothermal well blow-out at PGV, June 1991. I spoke to the firemen, civil defense, searched Wednesday’s news…nothing! I knew it was a cover up and for that reason knew it was “military.”
  2. I read in your column that the Director of Civil Defense said that he spoke to PGV about the explosion and they denied any knowledge. PGV/Ormat is infamous for lying and endangering the public many times in the past. I had asked the fire department and civil defense to examine the PGV grounds carefully and not to take their word for it. Many reports from Pahoa Village said it came from PGV.
  3. Thursday, 2/23/12, I learned that PGV’s plant manager said “they are currently producing fuel converted from hydrogen and it is an extremely dangerous process.” I also learned that EPA’s jurisdiction no longer extends to Hawaii as it did in the 1990’s. A federal law, PERPA now restricts EPA’s jurisdiction to the continental U.S.A. only. There is NO federal regulation of Energy Development in Hawaii. Hawaiians are at the mercy of the U.S. military, PGV/Ormat and Helco. (Probably the reason PGV was sold back to its original Israeli Government/ Ormat developer was because the previous geothermal owners did not want to undertake producing hydrogen fuel cell development.)
  4. Friday, the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, p. 3, Honolulu (AP) byline, reported the military testing a fleet of 16 Army hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Hawaii. The GM cars were unveiled on Wednesday at U.S. Army Pacific headquarters….
  5. I do not know much about the processing of hydrogen fuel cell, other than it is an extremely dangerous, highly explosive process that was compared to atomic energy in some early articles on alternate fuels. Hydrogen cell fuel should not be manufactured in a closely populated area (ex. Leilani/Nanawale/Pahoa area).

You are the most objective, capable  and honest independent news source that I know. If you decide not to present an article on this subject, can you advise me how best to get this information out to the public? It is too important to be trivialized or ignored and swept under the carpet. Please do not hesitate to call on me for help or more information on this subject. Mahalo nui loa. (808) ***-****At one with the Earth,

Athena Peanut

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  1. Well, it took some searching, but it turns out that “PERPA” is “PURPA” — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Utility_Regulatory_Policies_Act — a 1978 law and relates to “The law forced regulated, natural monopoly electric utilities to buy power from other more efficient producers….” In other words, it’s the rule that means that HELCO has to buy alternative energy from places like PGV. It’s been in place since 1978 and applies to the entire nation; it’s not a Hawaii-specific regulation and it doesn’t have anything directly to do with the EPA.

  2. I have to agree with that comment here, the letter is a pure rant with little substantiation, not worthy of publishing. The writer was simply blaming what they hated, PGV, the military, whatever. The hydrogen fuel cell aspersions simply display pure ignorance of the technology. The EPA limitations also appear to be complete misinformation. At least a little checking would be in order before publishing this sort of thing.

  3. Thank you for posting this report. It needs to be public knowledge.

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  5. I’ve received a comment on Facebook that by allowing me to post this was an attempt at throwing PGV under the bus.

    This is not the case and as I’ve stated in the headline… this is just one Puna residents “THEORY” of what happened that day.

    I will continue to allow folks to write commentary on my website… I hope folks can distinguish between what I write and what others have sent to me.

    If Puna Geothermal Ventures or Hawaii Civil Defense would like to comment on the above letter or make a statement on my site… I’d be more then willing to post what they have to say.

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