University of Hawaii Hilo Celebrates National TRiO Day

UH Hilo TRiO programs recognized for assisting underrepresented students to enter and succeed in college

University of Hawaii at Hilo celebrates National TRiO Day on Friday, March 9, 2012 from 11am – 1pm on Campus Center Plaza. The University of Hawaii at Hilo has proudly sponsored TRiO Programs for over 33 years. The National TRiO Day celebration at UH Hilo highlights 25 years of Student Support Services Program success providing services to college participants and 33 years of Upward Bound Program service preparing high school students to enter and succeed in college.

TRiO is a set of federally-funded college opportunity programs that motivate and support students typically underrepresented on college campuses with strong interest in pursuing a college degree. The mission of TRiO Program is to assist low-income, first-generation college bound students and students with disabilities to prepare to enter and advance through the college pipeline to attain at minimum a bachelor’s degree. UH Hilo is home to four TRiO Programs: two Regular Upward Bound Programs, one Upward Bound Math and Science Program and one Student Support Services Program.

Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math and Science prepare high school students to enter and succeed in college. Throughout the year, students receive instruction and encouragement to excel academically. Students also receive help developing a personalized College Action Plan and career exploration plan, and participate in exciting cultural activities and personal development activities. During the summer students can reside on the UH Hilo campus and attend classes that simulate a college going experience. Over 95% of Upward Bound students enrolled in postsecondary education fall term immediately following high school.

The Student Support Services Program provides academic advising, financial and economic literacy instruction, assistance in locating other university resources and opportunities specific to the needs and interests of students as they pursue bachelor degrees and assistance applying to graduate and professional programs. Throughout the year students have access to tutoring, program computers, other educational resources and sponsored activities. Also, students receive assistance applying for financial aid and scholarships. On average, students enrolled in Student Support Services persist, advance and graduate at higher rates than similar non-SSSP students.

The TRiO Student Success Programs are a unit within the Division of Student Affairs.

For additional information or please call 974-7616 or 974-7337.

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