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Food Donations Sought for Puna’s Funeral

Posting the following from facebook:

Following food donations needed for Puna’s funeral.  Mahalo Nui Loa for your Kokua.

Contributions and donations towards the mea ‘ai:

All donations and contributions that are non-perishable can be dropped off at Kaimu by Feb. 26 so that we have an idea of what is needed. Other items can be delivered when you arrive (ex: sandwiches, salad, etc…).

Please Contact Cousin Bobo and Mary Kamanu at 747-0937 if you have questions or contributions.

Monetary contributions or condolence cards can be mailed to Gwen Keliihoomalu at P.O. Box 1493 Hilo, Hawaiʻi 96721. Questions regarding monetary or condolence cards can be directed to Gwen at 333-0730 or e-mail her at gwen@kala-hawaii.us.

Menu and items:
Friday Mar. 2 Menu: Chili/Rice and Curry Stew

Items needed:
2oo lbs hamburger 600 lbs rice( for all 3 days) 3 case kidney/chili beans
4 case tomato sauce 3 cases chili powder 200 lbs stew meat/brisket
3 case curry powder 4 cases stewing tomato 100 lbs potato
100 lbs carrots 100 lbs celery100 lbs onion
10 lbs garlic 5 cases buns/rolls 50 gallons juice
Other dishes that complement the menu are welcome and can be brought ready made on that day.

Sat. Mar. 3rd and Mar. 4th Breakfast Menu: Continental
Items Needed:

Donuts Rolls Pastries
Fruits Coffee Creamer
Tea Coco Sugar

Sat. Mar. 3rd Lunch Menu: Sandwiches

All types of sandwiches, chips and fruit/veggie platters are welcome and greatly appreciated; we ask that sandwiches are prepared in advance, cut and ready to serve. However, we have had request to drop off items for the sandwiches, therefore these are the items that are needed:

6 cases Tuna 40 cases Eggs 20 cases Hot dogs
50 cases of Bread 20 cases Buns 50 bottles Ketsup
50 bottles Mustard 20 bottles Relish
Chips fruits/veggies

Sat. Mar. 3rd Dinner Menu: Stew/Teriyaki Beef (donated by Kealoha/Napolean ‘Ohana)
Toss Salad/Dressing (donated by Garcia ʻOhana)
Hawaiian Plate: Kalua Pig/Cabbage, Chicken Long Rice, Rice
Items Needed:

200 lbs chicken 3 lbs ginger 20 lbs green onion
4 cases Chicken Broth 50 lbs cabbage 5 5 lb bag hawaiian salt
Donations to complement this meal are greatly appreciated and welcome (ex: dessert items)

Sun. Mar. 4th Lunch Menu: Left Overs and Sandwiches

Paper Products:

These items are also needed:
5000 Dessert plates 5000 sporks (Hopac)
5000 cups (cold and hot)
5000 Napkins ( the more the better)
Coffee stir sticks/straws

Donation of Flowers: Flowers and green foliage are needed to decorate the flatbed to transport Puna. All donations can be dropped off at Kaimu by Wed. Feb. 29.

Mahalo nui to all of you who have been asking how you can kōkua, we hope this helps. Again Mahalo.

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