FCC Renews Licenses For Big Island and Maui Radio Stations Despite Objections of Employee Who Complained of Radiation

The FCC has renewed Visionary Related Entertainment’s licenses for World Music KNUQ (Q103.7) Paaulio, HI and Rock KAOI-F Wailuku, Maui, HI for a limited 12-month period and has conditioned the renewal on VISIONARY implementing an RF radiation training program.

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The grant comes over the objections of the D.T. Fleming Arboretum and Martha Vockrodt-Moran, an employee of the Arboretum, who complained that the KAOI tower site could expose employees and guests of the arboretum to excessive radiation.  The complaints noted that the antenna was not fenced in and was low to the ground; excessive radiation was measured in the area.  KAOI moved to a new site 21 km away, but its KNUQ subsequently was found to be exceeding RF limits in public areas, for which the Commission proposed a fine.

In renewing the licenses, the Commission noted that Visionary had corrected the problems and is now in compliance, but that its “conduct has fallen far short of the standard of compliance with the Act and the Rules that would warrant routine license renewal” and therefore should be hit with a short-term renewal.

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