Sister of Murdered Pohoiki Victim Offering $5,000 Reward for Arrest and Conviction of Killers

I posted the following Hawaii County Police media release on January 17th regarding the death of Dennis Eugene White.

His sister, Catherine White, left the following comment(s):

This was my last remaining brother of 3 in total. He was a disabled Vietnam era Vet and had a serious neck injury before he was killed. I wondered why the neighbors did not hear the killer or killers stealing all his musical equipment and all of his underwater video equipment plus he had many musical instuments. My brother would talk to a fence post .. he liked to brag about his talent and loved to jam with other music buffs. I think he was invited to a beach jam and the jam was to kill him for his things. I am his only surviving sibling , we were stairstep kids you know, 321 a May 17th boy, Dennis June 22, Me at Sept.6 and my little brother who was killed at 15.
I will be turning 62 and am disabled too. I had to borrow the funds to have him sent home to have his ashes buried with his other 2 brothers, my grandma and mother. I have to pay back these charges and yet I do not know how.. I am trying the VA benefits for things like this to help families get their soldiers home . no matter what the reason.
I believe my brother was murdered for his things, because he moved in not to long before this. I am sure he was spotted bringing in all the expensive musical equipment.
I can’t sleep for thinking of his last moments knowing he was going to die. Now it is just me wtih no one to help me. No more brothers for me. If anyone has any ideas on how to deal with the VA please help me, or anyway of getting donations for his services. I have not had to deal with the other boys for my parents were alive. I have done as much as I could do..but willing to sell all my stuff to do this. My brother served his country so did my other brother , but my little brother died in a car wreck in 68
On good Friday the same weekend as MLK, funny but their birthdays were the same as well. Any donations could go to Borthwick Hawaii Funeral Home, 570 Kindo St. Hilo, HI 96720 808-935-8445 any amount would be sincerely Cathy White the baby sister. with all her protecters are now gone
I have access to a donor offering a 5,000.00 reward to the arrest and conviction of killers or killer of my brother Dennis.
thank you
C. White


In a year my brother Dennis White’s eldest daughter will die from liver faillure. She will be 41. So we will have that trauma to deal with besides her dad. Honestly I do not know how much more I can take
Bless all your hearts that are open to my asking for details on how to deal with the VA for benefits to see to it he has a nice funeral.


I would like to thank the HI Police for their quick actions of locating me in time before my big brother was put into a potters field with no head stone or anything, Now we can bring him home, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
with all heart felt memories and I trust you will locate these cruel people or persons who did this awful crime. They took my last brother.. I hope they are happy.
C White

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  1. So sorry Cathy to hear about the death of your sweet and kind brother. I just found out yesterday and was quite shocked. You can call me anytime if you need someone to talk to for encouragement and support. My number is 808 640 2906.
    With much sympathy and love,

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