From the Desk of Gerard D. Lee Loy – Re: Claims of Damon Tucker

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  1. Police brutality isn’t just on mainland. Currently filing report of brutality to a 61 yr old disabled women. Trying to have access to home on road being paved. Posted one lane traffic but officer stopped me 3 times to harass me, try to stop me from driving 15 ft to main road so I could pick up grandchildren from summer fun. Parents both working. This officer put his face in my window and yelled at me 3 times if I was threatening him. I merely told him I had already spoke w secrecy ice who had told me if he harassed me again I was to call 911. The only reason I wasn’t hurt by this person was a gentleman from road construction worker witnessed his violence and out of control behavior. He quickly waved me to proceed the 15 ft to main road. I thank this person for his help. The officer needs serious help if this is behavior for directing traffic on his off time. Imagine what would happen to someone in serious altercation! I now see I should have asked dectective to come to make report rather than download forms for formal complaint. But that I will follow through with asap. I was in shock and feared for my safety. This is the service we get from HPD , shame on you officer for making your department look so disgraceful and dangerous to elderly citizens!!

  2. You are not the only one to have suffered abuse from the police of Hawaii. After my son was murdered, instead of going after the murderer, they decided to bully his older brother, my other son and let the killer go free to escape justice. To this day they have still have not even tried to go after the guy even though they have all the evidence they need to put the guy away. So tell me about it.

  3. Damon, looks like you have a strong case. I hope justice here is fully served so that others never have to suffer, and that your pain was not in vain.

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