Sorry… No Political Ads on My Site This Year

I appreciate the offer of having politicians asking to place ads on my site.  I myself would rather feel free to be able to blog about politicians the way I want w/out having to worry about them pulling an ad from my site.

With that being said… I will once again say that I will not be accepting any political ads on my site!

I will accept press releases that I can easily cut and paste to my site… however, accepting them… does not mean I will print them.

I try my best to keep this site from being politically influenced…. however I know there are those that would like to influence what I put on here… (it won’t happen)

2 Responses

  1. YES I so Agree, Absolutely No Political Ads, But Please Speak your Feelings and Thoughts with all of us!!

  2. It’s a tough choice. Kudos for taking the high road.

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