Experienced Skydiver Has Serious Accident on North Shore… Could Have Been Prevented Had State Kept Outdoor Circle Agreement

*EDITORS NOTE* I have updated this post with some corrections that the skydiver who suffered this accident has made in  red bold.  This Skydiver has asked that I remove the video from this post but I can leave the picture up.

Skydiving is a dangerous sport, there is no question about that.  However, certain things can be done to make the sport safer.

Last year on June 20th, there was a serious and life threatening accident that happened where one of the skydivers, a skydiver ended up being taken to Queens Hospital where she was diagnosed as having  broken femur two breaks in her left femer, three broken ribs a collapsed left lung, and a broken neck, after crashing into the ground after a gust of wind collapsed her parachute right as she was about to land.  Several months after the leg healed… she went into surgery again for an aneurysm Two months later she had a 4.5 cm aneurysm that took a 13 hour surgery to work on and save her, caused from the jump.

The Skydiver is recovering… Unfortunately, it appears that this accident could have been prevented.  Here is a video of her landing courtesy of T.K Hinshaw (Caution… language is not safe for work).  (VIDEO REMOVED UPON REQUEST)


Skydive Hawaii Owner Frank Hinshaw had the following to say about the incident:

This skydiver had made over 500 jumps. She was taken to Queens, as she had a broken femur, perhaps compound as I remember. Several months after the leg healed, she went into surgery again for an aneurysm, also from the accident, and perhaps just as life threatening. She had made several uneventful jumps at Dillingham Airfield prior to this bad experience.

In 2004 the State DOT Highways and Outdoor Circle agreed to have to have the trees cut (and maintained at that height) below the bottom power line. Of course the State soon abandoned the deal and the trees were allowed to grow back. State DOT Airports did completely remove the ironwoods on “their” property on the Farrington Hwy side on the landing area at that time. I do have a letter from 2004 in which the Outdoor Circle wrote that tall trees by airports are not good. Last year the skydiving community went to Mokuleia Community Association and North Shore Neighborhood Board asking that the trees be trimmed to the 2004 agreed height. The State trimmed the trees at 40′, but I’d hate to see the skydiver’s jump repeated 10-15 feet lower, it would end pretty much the same – ugly.

No official ruling from anyone on the accident, but it is clearly wind turbulence which put some spin into her normal landing. The accident was totally preventable by simply keeping the ironwood trees trimmed low to the ground.

The skydiver went on to state:

I hope that people realize what needs to be done with those trees after seeing and reading this…

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