Update On One of the Rat Lungworm Victims… Doctors Say He Will Make a Full Recovery

Here is a quick update on one of the victims that got infected with the rat lungworm disease while visiting Puna here on the Big Island.

a holidaymaker, who traveled to Hawaii to learn about organic farming, found himself in hell, after catching a flesh-numbing parasite.22-year-old Eric Reinert was confined to a wheel chair when his nervous system was attacked by a crippling disease-rat lungworm.  

The rare microscopic organism lives in rats and can be caught by eating fruit and vegetables that have not been thoroughly washed.

Now the former state wrestler is having to learn to walk again, CBS News reported.

‘Every movement was just dreaded – horrible, awful, terrible,’ said Reinert.

The young man left Watertown, Minnesota last November to travel to Hawaii to indulge his passion for organic farming…

Crippling disease: 22-year-old Eric Reinert has been confined to a wheel chair since his nervous system was attacked by paralysing disease rat lungworm

…Doctors diagnosed him with rat lungworm.After a month in hospital he was allowed home and is now making small steps to get back to health.  Doctors say he will make a full recovery.

‘A lot of people in Hawaii don’t know this exists, I didn’t know it existed. I wasn’t told about it because I’m sure the people I lived with didn’t know it exists,’ Reinert told CBS.

‘Honestly … this left side of my face is still numb,’ said Reinert.

‘Every day it gets a little better. It’s kind of a roller coaster with the pain but overall, that’s what I tell everybody. Overall, I’m getting better every day,’ he said.

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  1. One aspect of the information posted is very misleading and potentially dangerous. The disease is contracted by humans eating produce containing infected snails and slugs — particularly the one known as the semi-slug for its vestigial partial shell. Even young semi-slugs, which can be very small and nearly transparent, can contain thousands of the parasites. At one point in its life cycle the parasite lives in rat’s lungs, but that is not when people become infected.

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