Pictures From the Wedding Roger Christie Officiated the Day Before He Got Busted

Well I’m sure most folks know about Roger Christie and his run in with the law.

It’s fairly easy to become an ordained minister here in Hawaii and he was ordained to marry folks by the State apparently.

Here is a video of a wedding ceremony he performed the day he got arrested for his marijuana bust that he is currently in prison for:


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  1. I don’t know Roger well , but I do know that he is a “spritual” person. Our justice system puts very naughty people back on our streets, and in this case took away a very good person. Roger stepped out side of the lines to do what he believed in for the people.
    My husband even thinks differently then I do, he thinks Roger was stupid to step over the lines and get busted.
    But I say there has to be people that are willing to step over the lines for there to be change in the world.
    Just wanted to put in my 2 sense.

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