Sister of Long Time Radio Personality Frank B. Shaner Calls for Action After Contract Not Renewed With KUMU 94.7

Aloha Damon, I’m writing on behalf of my brother Frank B Shaner. He is a long time beloved radio personality in Hawaii (yes, guess I’m a little biased)..mentoring many many local musicians and artists through the years..not to mention his off the wall Hoku award winning comedy album, Adventures of Leimomi.

Frank B. Shaner

Last week his contract was not renewed at Kumu 94.7 fm Honolulu as they”move in another direction”. Now we know corporate decisions are for the most part, final and we also know bigger things are in store for Frank. BUT we are very disappointed in the way program director is handling this Aloha statement, proper farewell, transparency..nothing..chopping block mentality.  Many, many Big Islanders have tuned in to Franks show (live streaming online) during his previous 35 plus years in the business.

I appreciate and value your blog and hope you will find time to comment. I posted the following on Franks facebook page this morning:

Morning Frankie, please don’t delete this. I know you’d rather we not make waves..but yur gonna have to come Kona if u wanna give me good lickin…AINOKEA.

Ok Frankie fans..time to flood the station request line at 808-9475868 (I know..keep trying) and facebook pages, ~

Hawaii fans are NOT ignorant..corporate will not change their decision..BUT we can demand a proper, transparent, Aloha statement. We deserve AT LEAST that. Email Kumu program director at Ohana Broadcast ~ [email protected]

Trisha Shaner Knudsen

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  1. Shame on you KUMU! First you have Mandy lie to us devoted listeners, saying Frank was “on vacation”. I was actually waiting for him to return from vacation. Then weeks later you start playing radio ads that “Makani is back”. Still no Frank! A few more weeks later your radio ads say Makani & Mandy in the mornings coming soon. Frank never came back from “vacation”. Such a dirty tactic! You have deceived lots of devoted listeners! Sorry but your “new” morning show WITHOUT Frank just is not anywhere near the same. You lost my husband in the first week. I tried to give it some time but, honestly, you’ve lost me too. You need to put Frank & Mandy back together in the mornings to keep us up! Put Makani back to the afternoons to soothe us thru the afternoon drive home from work.

  2. What were you guys thinking? For heaven’s sakes, you treat all your employees with that lack of respect? Here today, gone tomorrow, too bad, so sorry you don’t get to warn or get to say good-bye to your fans or loyal listeners.

    Shame on you people!!!

    Just another listener gone. Hope Kumu is happy, but who am I? I am just a little fish with no big bucks to contribute, no politicians behind me, no notable powerful organization to help me spread the word of disappointment. Just a little Minnow in a giant sea of conglomerates’.

  3. My wife and I miss Frank & Mandy in the mornings. The morning show isn’t the same. So we don’t listen to KUMU anymore. We hope to hear Frank & Mandy on another station. You guys were da “best.”

  4. I have been a long time listener of Frank and Mandy in the morning ever since they have started together. I have also been a long time listener of Frank B. during his early days in the business. I thought he just called in sick the very next day I noticed he was absent, but weeks, then months have gone by, he did not return. There was no aloha, goodbye, or anything mentioned about his departure from his morning program with Mandy. I tried to regurgitate and somehow listen to the new show with Makana (since Mandy’s OK), but I always find myself changing to other stations instead. Makana and Mandy just does not click as well as with Frank B. KUMU radio just have to bring the old tandem back if they want a big share of the morning listening audience. There is no other radio personality that can perform as well as Frank B. My family and all of my friends miss his on the air antics and I am sure I speak for a great number of former KUMU listeners who have changed their channels to other radio stations as they commute to work in the morning. Frank B. is like a dose of caffeine in the early morning… I wish him luck! KUMU? You know damn sure where you stand!

  5. Bring Frank back. I was shocked to find out he was fired! thought he was on vacation. Then they put this idiot makani on in his place. OMG! My teenager and I miss listening to Frank every morning. Puzzles me whey they would replace Frank with Makana. I tried listening to their new dj, don’t bother, he’s junk, boring. we listen to another station these days. Hope Frank pops back up on another channel soon.

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