Sister of Long Time Radio Personality Frank B. Shaner Calls for Action After Contract Not Renewed With KUMU 94.7

Aloha Damon, I’m writing on behalf of my brother Frank B Shaner. He is a long time beloved radio personality in Hawaii (yes, guess I’m a little biased)..mentoring many many local musicians and artists through the years..not to mention his off the wall Hoku award winning comedy album, Adventures of Leimomi.

Frank B. Shaner

Last week his contract was not renewed at Kumu 94.7 fm Honolulu as they”move in another direction”. Now we know corporate decisions are for the most part, final and we also know bigger things are in store for Frank. BUT we are very disappointed in the way program director is handling this Aloha statement, proper farewell, transparency..nothing..chopping block mentality.  Many, many Big Islanders have tuned in to Franks show (live streaming online) during his previous 35 plus years in the business.

I appreciate and value your blog and hope you will find time to comment. I posted the following on Franks facebook page this morning:

Morning Frankie, please don’t delete this. I know you’d rather we not make waves..but yur gonna have to come Kona if u wanna give me good lickin…AINOKEA.

Ok Frankie fans..time to flood the station request line at 808-9475868 (I know..keep trying) and facebook pages, ~

Hawaii fans are NOT ignorant..corporate will not change their decision..BUT we can demand a proper, transparent, Aloha statement. We deserve AT LEAST that. Email Kumu program director at Ohana Broadcast ~

Trisha Shaner Knudsen

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  1. I no longer listen to KUMU like I did when Frank was on. I was very disappointed when they took him off the air.

  2. ~ We Love YOU, Frankie’ B. ~ WTG , Trisha Ur Like The Typical Hawaiian’ Sistah’ , Who Always Got Their Brothers Back !!! In Hawaiian’ We Call Dat’ Ohana’ ~ Something Kumu’ Radio Don’t Know About ~ ” Shame ” On YOU , Kumu’ YOU Never Turn Your Back On Family !!!

  3. What a great conversation this was….too funny, its 2013 and someone just told me I should go read this blog, “your in it!” they said!
    I was the guy that replaced Frank, its Makani w/ an I by the way! Im pretty sure, like me and Frank…this topic is long gone and forgotten!

    but… your gonna get my 2cents anyway….I lasted about 4 months at KUMU. When they “fired” me, they had no explanation, no reasoning, no warning, no nothing! Now mind you…they begged me for a year to leave California, so after 7 years in doing radio in california I eventually came back, but I took a morning show on Maui instead. KUMU continued to make me an offer…soooo after now a total of 15+ years in radio from being on air at Island 98.5, and KSSK on Oahu, Island 98.9 on Kauai and 99.9 KISS fm on Maui and in Alice 96.7 in california I said okay, time to come home!

    You wanna know how F’d up their management is…while i only worked with Mandy for about a month and half, before she went on maternity leave, they mentioned to me that they wanted to let her go, but couldnt because she was on maternity leave. So of course the morning show is gonna suffer, especially when a huge change just occured and then its was just me to carry the show..

    Short story, long…..they day Mandy gets back from Materninty, they call me and tell me no need to come in in the morning, but we have a meeting at 2pm. From 9am to 2pm my phone is blowing up with people offering me radio jobs and people asking me what happened? I found out from 20 other radio stations that I was fired before they even fired me!

    I could go on and on…I talk for a living! But i figure no one will read this anyhow! its old news! its just funny to me! even a year later!

    Its radio….

  4. So that’s what happened to Frank! Shame on them. Switched to the other station because the other guy was so horrible. I would check back to see if Frank was back. No Frank!
    Mother & I would talk about show everyday. We miss the wit and humor. Mother doesn’t listen anymore. Just tuned in and Devon is on. He’s okay but just flat to blah. We’ll see how long this last. They should’ve given Frank a decent send off.

  5. Welll… funny thing is after they did not renew Frank’s contract I said… let’s see this Makani… (boring) so I haven’t listed until this morning.. and guess what …. No Makani…. hmmm what happened? I miss Frank making his comments and giving me a good laugh on my hour drive to work everyday. Hope you come back on the air soon… i don’t know how to spell that noise you make… but bffpff, bffpff when describing something you cannot say on the radio or sex related. (gas sounding) is missed especially brought character to the show. Aloha…

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