Proposed Bill Would End Protection of Iwi Kupuna

Received from a source.  This unconstitutional proposed bill (LNR-07(12)_Burial_bill_rev.10-17-11-1) would end protection of the iwi kupuna and would make sure that Native Hawaiian ‘ohana cannot protect their iwi kupuna.  What’s more, it would cost $60,000 MORE per year to have one state-wide burial council versus the current system of a burial council for each island.

I am still researching to discover which legislators are sponsoring this evil bill.  I know that current State Historic Preservation Division Director, Pua Aiu, who is of Native Hawaiian descent, spoke in favor of this concept at the annual Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs convention this past November.  People attending the convention were outraged since the SHPD and Pua Aiu have already broken many burial laws to the extent that the National Park Service is not funding their $1,2 million grant for the first time ever.

Please help stop this bill before it even makes it into committee.  Call your representatives today.  Tell them to fix the system in favor of Native Hawaiian ‘ohana and the iwi kupuna, instead of making it more favorable for real estate developers.


Charles Flaherty

3 Responses

  1. I’m supporting this bill. I think it’s a good idea, and at least meetings will now happen.

  2. Great!

    We need more places to make condos for foreigners to own and charge local people tons of money for rent!

  3. At this point there are no “evil legislators” involved, because it is an Abercrombie administration document. You can tell that from the footer of the document where it reads “LNR-07(12).” In contrast, proposals from the legislature have footers that indicate which drafting agency produced the document on behalf of a legislator (i.e. Majority Staff Office, Minority Staff Office, or Legislative Reference Bureau).

    This does not mean that supporters of this proposal have not found (nor that they will not find) a legislator willing and/or eager to introduce similar or identical legislation…

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