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Kamehameha Schools Resolves Lawsuit Against Jane and John Doe and Eric Grant

Aloha mai kākou. As many of you may recall, Kamehameha Schools filed a lawsuit against Jane and John Doe and their former attorney, Eric Grant, in 2008, arising from their breach of our 2007 settlement agreement that ended the Does’ 2003 challenge of Kamehameha’s Hawaiian-preference admissions policy. This message is to let you know that Kamehameha Schools has resolved these claims with a stipulated judgment against the Does and a settlement agreement with their former attorney, Eric Grant. This case is over.

A stipulated judgment against the Does for $1 million plus $400,000 in legal fees and costs has been entered in favor of Kamehameha Schools.

In conjunction with the entry of judgment, the Does apologized to Kamehameha Schools for Mr. Goemans’ disclosure of the settlement terms. The Does, through their attorneys, said: “We deeply regret having become involved in the current litigation with Kamehameha Schools, we are very sorry for the harm caused to the schools, which led to this lawsuit. We are sorry for Mr. Goemans’ actions.”

In conjunction with the settlement, Eric Grant said, “I deeply regret that Kamehameha Schools was deprived of confidentiality, which was an important benefit of the 2007 Settlement Agreement. I likewise regret that my efforts, including procuring a court order barring Mr. Goemans from disclosing the settlement terms, were not enough to prevent him from doing so.”

While we have agreed not to disclose other specific terms of the settlement beyond the points above, we want you to know that we are pleased with this outcome. The settlement provides just compensation to Kamehameha Schools for the wrongful behavior of a member of the Does’ former legal team and for the Does’ and Grant’s expressions of regret. Kamehameha will receive payment from both the Does and Grant for the harm done, and we have avoided the expense and distraction of another time-consuming court case. This settlement ends Kamehameha Schools v. John and Jane Doe and Eric Grant.

We are happy to put this episode behind us, free of any residual drag on our ability and resources to focus on fulfilling the vision of our Founder. We want to express our sincere gratitude to our beneficiaries and community who have stood by Kamehameha Schools throughout.

Most importantly, we mahalo Ke Akua for providing continuing guidance, inspiration and strength at every step along this journey. We are truly thankful and blessed.

Me ka ha‘aha‘a,

J. Douglas Ing, Chair
Micah Kane
Janeen Olds
Corbett Kalama
Diane Plotts
Dee Jay Mailer, CEO

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