Formula One Racing Star Jenson Button Cruising in Hawaii… Goes Riding With My Friend

I found out that the famous Formula One Racing Champion Jenson Button is on Oahu right now.

According to his twitter account he’s been having a good time… but I also see that he went for a bike ride with my friend @MikeZagorski !

Jenson Button's Recent Tweets

Here is the picture from those tweets:

Mike Zagorski is the other guy that set the Hawaii Tandem Altitude Skydiving records with me last week and he sent me this picture of their 76 kilometer ride around Oahu to me:

(L-R: Mike, Georgie, Chris, Jenson, Seth, Shannon, and Jesse behind the lens)

Here is Jensons tweet from yesterday:

Great 76k ride yesterday here on Oahu with @mikezagorski @Chris_Buncombe @Trigrr @jurikooo @SethGB @shannonaoshea & Jesse..

Jenson is quite famous in the United Kingdom where Formula One Racing is huge.  He has more then 708,000 followers on a verified twitter account.

According to Wikipedia:

Like many Formula One drivers, Button resided in the principality of Monaco but he has since moved to Guernsey. He said that it was the great training possibilities that took him away from the tax haven. He also has properties in the United Kingdom and Bahrain. His hobbies include mountain biking, competing in triathlons and body boarding, and his car collection includes a Nissan GT-R, a 1956 VW Campervan, a Honda S600 and a Mercedes C63 AMG, numerous Ferraris (including an Enzo) & his championship winning Brawn BGP 001. He previously owned a blue on black Bugatti Veyron.[

Button has been dating Japanese model Jessica Michibata for two and a half years.Button has two tattoos: a black coat button on his right forearm; and Japanese kanji-characters on his ankle which say “一番” (Ichi ban, “Number One” in Japanese), this was done before he won the world title, and is the name of Button’s triathlon team. Since mid-2010, the same legend has appeared on Button’s race helmet. Button is also a brand ambassador for Head & Shoulders, and has appeared in advertising campaigns for the company.

Mike wrote a post on his website where he states:

Last week I said “I got my Architect license and did a skydive from 21,000ft… What next?”. Late on Friday evening my question was answered: I would meeting up with British Formula 1 driver Jenson Button (2009 World Champion) and Chris Buncombe (2007 Le Mans 24hr Winner – LMP2 Class) for a 3-hours bike ride on O’ahu!

Congratulations to Mike Zagorski for doing some exciting things this past week… but most respectably… receiving your architect license!

I hope Jenson has a great time in Hawaii and if he makes it to the Big Island… I’d love to meet him!

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