Hawaii County Police Commission Nominates New Chair and Vice Chair… Listens to My Police Complaint

Today was a Hawaii County Police Commission meeting and among many things on the agenda was the selection of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Police Commission for 2012.

Click to see the agenda and complaints heard

Kenneth T. Ono out of District 7 was selected as Chair and Carol R. Ignacio out of District 1 as the Vice Chair for the 2012 Commission.

I can only say what districts they currently represent because I don’t know where they live or if the redistricting will affect anyone but what I did notice is that there is still no Commissioner from District 6 (Puna, Kau, South Kona).

Hawaii County Police Chief Harry Kubojiri also gave his reports and specifically talked about the amount of openings that were in the Police County Dispatch program.  He did mention that there are a lot of candidates for the job but the job of a police dispatcher is not as easy as some may think and there are certain qualities that the a dispatcher needs to be able to handle on the job.

Hawaii County Police Chief Harry Kubojiri gives his report to the commission

The Commission then broke into Executive Session to consider discipline and charges against officers or employees of the Hawaii Police Department, to consider sensitive matters relating to public safety, to discuss the evaluation of the Police Chief, and to consult with Corporation Counsel on Questions and issues pertaining to the commission’s powers, duties, privileges, immunities, and liabilities pursuant to HRS 92-5 (a) (2)(4))(6) and the Hawai’i County Charter Section 13-20 (b).

The public was required to sit outside during this portion of the meeting.  There were nine Hawaii Police Complaints to to be heard and mine was heard toward the ending of the commission meeting.

I did the best to explain what happened to me that day.

They didn’t even bother to look at the damages on my body, my hospital bills, or my iPhone

My damaged iPhone 4 as I retrieved it from evidence.

I tried to show them my camera but they really didn’t seem to have any interest it and I didn’t even bother to bring in my damaged clothes… however it is in my police complaint.

Broken Nikon L110

What really… really seemed confusing…. and almost bothersome… was it seemed like the Police Commission didn’t understand the fact that filming folks in public is perfectly legal!

I got asked… why would I want to film a bar fight… why post pictures of it on the internet?  I got asked basically if my blog was a job… and what I did as a Federal Worker.

I guess maybe even the Police Commission themselves don’t realize that filming police doing their jobs in public places is perfectly legal… I sure hope not.

And of course the infamous one where they ask was I taking pictures of folks in their faces… Well the physical evidence and the pictures on the camera speak for themselves!  That and the fact that I forgot to mention to the police commission that Prosecuting Damerville himself even said that the two civilian witnesses in the case were not very reliable witnesses!

Oh and let’s not also forget those three anonymous calls that also went into the prosecutors office after this happened stating I was a sex offender…. and the PROSECUTOR HIMSELF FOUND THAT TO BE FUNNY and Showed me the other Damon Shane Tucker mug shot that these anonymous folks were talking about who is locked up in Arizona until 2062.

While the Prosecutors Office has dismissed my case “in the name of justice”… I still am dealing with the hospital bills, the physical aches, the emotional scars, the damaged iPhone and Camera as well as clothes I was wearing that fateful night.

I still have pain and I don't know if the scars will ever go away!

Let’s hope that the Police Commission will do it’s job accurately and hopefully justice will be served.

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  1. Damon,

    I do feel bad for you. My concern is whetheror not you have a criminal history..I am not accusing you, but just curious. This could have played a role in the way you were treated, especially if there is a substantial record that has been PROVEN in a court of law, repeatedly.

    However, some of us KNOW that corruption exists within not only police departments, but also in county, state and federal governments, as well as courts.

    Until we start ACTING like good civil member of our society, we are powerless against rogue enforcers!

  2. Only 5 officers? There are more than who need to stop acting like they ARE the law, instead of ENFORCERS of the law! Professional integrity in law enforcement has been threatened by certain immoral and unprofessional behaviors and attitudes by some officers…they only hamper and UNDO what the highly professional, courteous and respectable officers do FOR the community, instead of AGAINST it!

    It’s one thing to treat hardened criminals differently, but quite another to treat INNOENT CIVILIANS and VICTMS like they are hardened criminals! I think some officers need serious psychotherapy, and probably did BEFORE they were hired…

    I have seen MANY complaints in the past go without reprimand…Hopefully this county will clean up its act and address the HORRID CORRUPTION that MOST EVERYONE knows about!

    The corruption in ths county is astounding. Shame on those who think God isn’t watching and God lives WITHIN us who act and live with integrity and consideration for others, the law, and even more, a higher moral compass than what has been going on “behind closed doors” in this county!

    • The POLICE COMMISSION needs to take a stance against immoral and illegal behaviors by certain officers in the Police Department…if they don’t, they are JUST AS GUILTY for FAILURE to ACT in a professional capacity!

      It’s sad when innocent victims are targeted by BOTH criminals and the very police who are SUPPOSED to protect victims from further suffering by criminal acts!!! They are actually FACILITATING crimes, as well as contributing to criminal acts in some cases by PROTECTING the CRIMINAL ELEMENT!

      Not all of us are the stonehead drunks they are used to dealing with…until they realize that SOESOME OFFICERS are part of the problem, this county and the economy in general will continue to deteriorate!

  3. I asked you before but you never answer my question: what do you do as a federal employee?

    George Peabody

  4. We can only hope that the police commission makes an appropriate recommendation to the police chief and he takes appropriate action.
    like it or not, they’ve got to deal with you.

    West Hawsaii Today on Friday reported that 5 officers have been dismissed from the force. Justice is slow, sometimes imperfect, sometimes wrong. But every once in a while, we all feel that we’re doing our part in making our community a better place. believe it or not, i feel that the police body is trying. partly because of what you’ve done and are doing.

    keep the faith. good luck damon.

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