Flights From Illinois to Hawaii Via Mokulele Airlines a Possibility

I just noticed the following bit of news which could provide a nice little bit of tourism to Hawaii:

You’ll soon be able to fly directly to the sunny islands of Hawaii, or historic London, England.

No word yet on when you can book your tickets.  The move makes Rockford the only airport in the midwest with direct flights to both locations

“It’s really a move by the board to engage our strategic plan to expand passenger service” says Zach Sundquist, Manager of Air Service Development.  It also “utilizes the facilities we have in place.”

Mokulele Airlines, which runs the flights to Hawaii, still needs the plan to be approved by the FAA

You can view the video here: RFD Announces New Destinations

Hawaii County Police Commission Nominates New Chair and Vice Chair… Listens to My Police Complaint

Today was a Hawaii County Police Commission meeting and among many things on the agenda was the selection of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Police Commission for 2012.

Click to see the agenda and complaints heard

Kenneth T. Ono out of District 7 was selected as Chair and Carol R. Ignacio out of District 1 as the Vice Chair for the 2012 Commission.

I can only say what districts they currently represent because I don’t know where they live or if the redistricting will affect anyone but what I did notice is that there is still no Commissioner from District 6 (Puna, Kau, South Kona).

Hawaii County Police Chief Harry Kubojiri also gave his reports and specifically talked about the amount of openings that were in the Police County Dispatch program.  He did mention that there are a lot of candidates for the job but the job of a police dispatcher is not as easy as some may think and there are certain qualities that the a dispatcher needs to be able to handle on the job.

Hawaii County Police Chief Harry Kubojiri gives his report to the commission

The Commission then broke into Executive Session to consider discipline and charges against officers or employees of the Hawaii Police Department, to consider sensitive matters relating to public safety, to discuss the evaluation of the Police Chief, and to consult with Corporation Counsel on Questions and issues pertaining to the commission’s powers, duties, privileges, immunities, and liabilities pursuant to HRS 92-5 (a) (2)(4))(6) and the Hawai’i County Charter Section 13-20 (b).

The public was required to sit outside during this portion of the meeting.  There were nine Hawaii Police Complaints to to be heard and mine was heard toward the ending of the commission meeting.

I did the best to explain what happened to me that day.

They didn’t even bother to look at the damages on my body, my hospital bills, or my iPhone

My damaged iPhone 4 as I retrieved it from evidence.

I tried to show them my camera but they really didn’t seem to have any interest it and I didn’t even bother to bring in my damaged clothes… however it is in my police complaint.

Broken Nikon L110

What really… really seemed confusing…. and almost bothersome… was it seemed like the Police Commission didn’t understand the fact that filming folks in public is perfectly legal!

I got asked… why would I want to film a bar fight… why post pictures of it on the internet?  I got asked basically if my blog was a job… and what I did as a Federal Worker.

I guess maybe even the Police Commission themselves don’t realize that filming police doing their jobs in public places is perfectly legal… I sure hope not.

And of course the infamous one where they ask was I taking pictures of folks in their faces… Well the physical evidence and the pictures on the camera speak for themselves!  That and the fact that I forgot to mention to the police commission that Prosecuting Damerville himself even said that the two civilian witnesses in the case were not very reliable witnesses!

Oh and let’s not also forget those three anonymous calls that also went into the prosecutors office after this happened stating I was a sex offender…. and the PROSECUTOR HIMSELF FOUND THAT TO BE FUNNY and Showed me the other Damon Shane Tucker mug shot that these anonymous folks were talking about who is locked up in Arizona until 2062.

While the Prosecutors Office has dismissed my case “in the name of justice”… I still am dealing with the hospital bills, the physical aches, the emotional scars, the damaged iPhone and Camera as well as clothes I was wearing that fateful night.

I still have pain and I don't know if the scars will ever go away!

Let’s hope that the Police Commission will do it’s job accurately and hopefully justice will be served.

Plastic Water Bottle Ban at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Nets Association $80,000 a Year in Reusable Bottle Sales

The sale of plastic water bottles is not allowed inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and now the National Park Service is looking to implement a similar ban at all National Parks.

Click to read memo

“…For these reasons, the National Park Service will implement a disposable plastic water bottle recycling and reduction policy, with an option to eliminate sales on a park-by-park basis following an extensive review and with the prior approval of the regional director.”

Under that policy, parks are encouraged to have “robust” recycling programs, use education to convince visitors to reduce their use of disposable plastic bottles, and, “where appropriate,” institute bans on the bottles.

Operations in at least two parks, Zion and Hawaii Volcanoes, already have bottle bans in place. At Hawaii Volcanoes, where the cooperating association decided to stop selling disposable bottles, the association estimated it will gross $80,000 a year in reusable bottle sales and will net a profit...

Click here for the recently released “Policy on Disposable Plastic Water Bottles” dated December 14 2011.

I’m not real clear on what “association” is receiving this money… I’m just reading the report above.

3.9 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes the Puna Area of the Big Island *Edit* Downsized to 3.7

Magnitude 3.9 *EDIT* 3.7
Location 19.332°N, 155.346°W
Depth 31.4 km (19.5 miles)
  • 18 km (11 miles) SW (222°) from Volcano, HI
  • 20 km (12 miles) NE (44°) from Pahala, HI
  • 28 km (17 miles) SW (236°) from Fern Forest, HI
  • 50 km (31 miles) SSW (213°) from Hilo, HI
  • 339 km (211 miles) SE (130°) from Honolulu, HI
Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 0.4 km (0.2 miles); depth +/- 0.9 km (0.6 miles)
Parameters Nph= 74, Dmin=4 km, Rmss=0.11 sec, Gp= 76°,
M-type=duration magnitude (Md), Version=1
Event ID hv60291206
Map of Hawaii highlighting Hawaii County

Image via Wikipedia

Big Island Man Busted for Meth Trafficking From His Business in the Keaau Area

Big Island Police arrested and charged a 56-year-old Keaʻau man with first-degree methamphetamine trafficking after Vice officers served a search warrant at his business establishment in the Shipman Industrial area of Keaʻau.

Larry Lee McCormick

Larry Lee McCormick was arrested Tuesday (December 13) after Area I Vice officers located 33.4 grams of crystal methamphetamine or “ice” at his place of business. The drug was packaged for distribution in more than 30 resealable plastic bags in 1/8-ounce quantities—known as “8-balls”—and smaller. A digital scale and other paraphernalia indicative of drug trafficking were also recovered.

Also arrested was 21-year-old Elija Benavidez of Keaʻau, who was released pending further investigation.

On Wednesday night, McCormick was charged with one count of first-degree methamphetamine trafficking and two counts each of promotion of a dangerous drug and possession of drug paraphernalia. His bail was set at $570,000. He was held at the Hilo police cellblock until his initial court appearance on Thursday (December 15).

Celebrate the Magic of Christmas at the East Hawaii County Building

I just got back from the East Hawaii County Building and it’s totally decked out in Christmas trees and decorations.

The Magic of Christmas at the East Hawaii County Building

I received the following flyer telling me more about the event:

While the dates say the 15 - 23rd... please note it's not open on the weekend

From what I was told, there will be nightly entertainment as well.

There were quite a few unque trees... including this one made of plants.

Big Island Police Part of National “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” Campaign Starting Tomorrow

Big Island police are informing motorist that officers will conduct islandwide DUI checkpoints throughout the holiday season. The effort is part of a national and statewide campaign called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.” The campaign starts December 16 and runs through January 2.

These are the likely penalties for a conviction for operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant:

  • Minimum bail for release from jail—$500
  • Installation of interlock system—$200 plus $92.56/month
  • Loss of drivers license
  • Possible cancellation of insurance policy or a premium increase of up to $100 per month
  • Alcohol assessment classes—$107
  • Community service
  • Criminal probation
  • Court fines
  • Possible jail time

The Hawaiʻi Police Department also wants to remind motorist that Hilo and Kailua-Kona drinking establishments are distributing coupons during the holiday season for free taxi rides so customers won’t drink and drive. The free coupons are available through January 2.

The following nine taxi companies participate in the program: Ace One Taxi, Ali’i Taxi, Bay City Taxi, Bobby Taxi, Hot Lava Taxi, Marthysha’s Taxi and Percy’s Taxi in Hilo; J & A Taxi and Mr. K’s Taxi in Kailua-Kona.

Participating drinking establishments on the east side are:
100% Moxie, Anna’s Lounge, Bamboo Garden, Club Rainbow, Club Rose, Coqui’s Hideaway, Cronies, Golden Room, Hale Inu, Hilo Burger Joint, Hilo Town Tavern, Karma, Kim’s Karaoke, Koreana II, Margarita Village, Morning Dew, Palms by the Bay, Restaurant Encore and Stephanie’s.

Participating drinking establishments on the west side are:
Huggo’s, Humpy’s, KBXtreme, Kokonutz, Kona Town Tavern, Lulu’s, My Bar, Oceans Sports Bar & Grill, Okolemaluna, Other Side – Rockstarz, Remixx, Rose’s, Sam Choy’s, Splasher’s, Sunflower, Teru’s II and The Mask.

The Hawaiʻi Police Department wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Providing Access to Lava Pouring Into the Ocean

Lava from Kīlauea’s remote Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō vent has again reached the ocean within Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park boundaries, at a spot scientists have named the West Ka‘ili‘ili ocean entry.

The arduous hike to West Ka‘ili‘ili from the bottom of Chain of Craters Road is approximately four miles one-way across an uneven flow field. Currently, several streams of lava are pouring into the ocean, providing dramatic views. Visitors who stay after dark can also see channels of lava flowing down the pali and across the flow field, but conditions can change at any time.

Hikers need to heed all warning signs and ranger advisories, and be aware of earth cracks and crevices, sharp terrain and rain-slick pāhoehoe lava and other hazards. Steam plumes produced by lava entering the sea contain fine lava fragments and acid droplets that can be harmful.  Scientists also confirmed that a lava delta is being formed at the base of a sea cliff at West Ka‘ili‘ili, and are monitoring the area closely. Lava deltas can collapse with little warning, produce hot rock falls inland, and generate large local waves.

“While we are thrilled to be able to provide public access to the new ocean entry site, it is imperative that visitors obey park rangers and all warning signs in the area,” said Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park Superintendent Cindy Orlando. “Hikers must be adequately prepared with plenty of drinking water, dressed for rain or sunshine, wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, carry a flashlight and spare batteries, and be in good physical shape for this hike.”


Once the wet weather subsides, park rangers will stick reflective trail markers along the rough coastal trail that begins shortly after the end of Chain of Craters Road and leads to a viewing area about a quarter of a mile away.

The West Ka‘ili‘ili ocean entry site is located near the park’s eastern border, and is the first time lava has entered the ocean within park boundaries since 2007. Recent ocean entries have occurred outside the park to the east, through private land and areas within County of Hawai‘i jurisdiction.

Visitors who do not want to hike out to the ocean entry can observe the wispy plume of the ocean entry from the end of Chain of Craters Road, near the ranger station. After sunset, flowing lava from Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō has been visible from the turnout on the hairpin curve on Chain of Craters Road, weather permitting.