2011 Keiki Slippah Project Underway

For folks that don’t know Lynn Vasquez-DelCerna (AKA Auntie Pupule = Twitter @pupule ) she has run the Keiki Slippah Wish Project on a volunteer basis for the last few years now.

What started as a small gift to the kids in Mayor Wrights Housing where she used to live because she was tired of seeing the kids run around barefeet has spread across the entire Hawaii Island chain.

Lynn Distributing Slippahs

I asked her about how many slippahs she has handed out and she stated:

“Last year, I stopped counting after 5,000. The estimated amount exceeded 50,000+

I asked her if she wanted to thank anyone in particular for the help that she has received over the years and she stated:

Everyone involved deserves a SHOUTOUT! We do from our hearts for those less fortunate than ourselves. Christmas is a time of sharing, giving, a time for the children to be happy.

Dreams and Wishes comes true; you just gotta believe!

So if you would like to donate to this project, I’m sure she can use assistance in all forms, especially folks on outer islands with a truck.

Check it out they are non-profit:

… In Nov. 2009, with the help of another legendary local woman, Kehaulani Watson, we began the process of setting up The Slippah Foundation, a genuine 501c3 nonprofit corporation! The board consists of Lynn, Kehau and me. We have incorporated, held our first meeting of the board, and are now in the process of getting a Employer Identification Number (EIN), after which we can set up a “real” bank account, when it will become “official.” When that happens, we’ll announce it loudly to the world, right here on slippah.org – Blaine Ferguson

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  1. When do you pass out your slippers on the Big Island? The Salvation Army has a Homeless Outreach Celebration on December 17, 2011 at Mooheau Park between 10 am-2 pm. Call Patricia Gamble if you’re interested in passing them out to our needy youth. Her number is 959-5855 x14. There will be a meal served, etertainment, free clothes store and keiki ID. There will also be door prizes and gift bags for the children. Aloha, Nani Masaki My email is [email protected].

  2. Mahalo Damon!

    Auntie Pupule

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