New Baby Dolphin Named at the Hilton Waikoloa… Dolphin Pregnancies Studied

The baby dolphin boy that was born on August 20th at the Dolphin Quest Village at the Hilton Waikoloa Village has been given a name.

Ipo swims next to her mother Iwa

After a contest to name the Dolphin where folks submitted names they thought would be appropriate, the name that was selected is “Ipo” or Hawaiian for “Sweetheart”.

Ipo and Iwa (Photo by DolphinQuest Hawaii)

In other news, while Ipo’s mother was pregnant, she was being studied regarding her pregnancy:

…Shawn Noren from the Institute of Marine Science, University of California Santa Cruz, joined a pod of dolphins at Dolphin Quest, Hawaii, just before two of the females gave birth.

She analyzed the impact of pregnancy on the animals’ streamlined shape and mobility.

“The pregnant females had huge protrusions where the fetus was sitting towards the back end of the body,” said Noren, who donned Scuba gear and spent a large portion of the final fortnight of the dolphins’ pregnancies filming under water as they swam parallel to her camera between their trainers.

Noren also filmed the dolphin mothers immediately after their calves were born and at regular intervals until the calves were 2 years old…

I think this study is pretty similar to humans as I know most pregnant ladies also tend to slow down a bit!

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