Black Friday Craziness and Occupy WalMart Protestors Arrested

So its been my belief ever since they started these Black Friday sales that its just not worth the hassle of trying to shop on these days at these big stores where folks line up for hours and days just to get that one item that is on a super sale.

And just to see how insane things were… here is what it looked like at the Pearl City Walmart:


This was at about 11:50 pm and the guys just ripped the wrapping off and just started to grab stuff cause they didn’t want to was till 12am. It was just crazy!! If u look in the back u can see guys throwing stuff to other ppls!!

Many folks took the opportunity to show their support for the Occupy Wall Street movement by protesting at WalMart stores around the country.  I haven’t heard of any occupy protestors here at the WalMart stores on the Big Island.

According this MSNBC report, 16 folks were arrested at Occupy Walmart Protests today across the nation today.

Here was the scene at the Walmart on Keaumoku street in Honolulu.


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