Hilohub Becomes Hawaii Island’s First Co-Shared Work Space

In an October 4th article in the Wall Street Journal author Emily Glazer says, “Shared workspaces are the latest trend in office space.”

Recognizing a need and having the appropriate office space John K. Kai, president and founder of Pinnacle Investment Group, LLC on Kinoole Street in Hilo, Hawaii, has formed “hilohub” to meet growing demand for affordable and professional work spaces.

“Co-shared work spaces can lead to collaboration, new opportunities, partnerships, and referrals,” says Kai. “At hilohub we provide all the physical tools anyone might need in a workspace setting. But we also believe that those who take advantage of the space will soon find that it’s about more than finding a desk.”

hilohub is strategically located within minutes of State and County of Hawaii offices, University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hilo Judiciary Complex and Hilo Medical Center.

Whether an attorney traveling from off-island to Hilo for a court appointment, a Kona businessman who needs a private space for a meeting, or a startup looking for a place to connect, create, and collaborate without interruption, hilohub may well prove to be ideal. hilohub provides an excellent alternative to the “coffice,” a term reserved for those that try to conduct business from coffee shop locations with free, yet unsecure wifi, blaring music and ever present chair squatters.

According to the Wall Street Journal article, while co-shared work spaces have been popular with technology start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area looking for affordable space, only recently have they been popping up in cities around the country. Picking up on this growing trend, Loosecubes created an online marketplace for office sharing and their site lists 2,300 spaces in nearly 500 cities and 65 countries.

“We are confident there is a demand for temporary space. At hilohub, users will find high-speed and secure wifi, flexible workstations, free parking, air conditioning, and free coffee. Really everything a busy entrepreneur might need for a day or more of work in Hilo at a very affordable and value-added rate,” Kai explained. hilohub daily rates begin at $40. Monthly rates range from $150 to $225 depending on the length of commitment and use of the conference room.
Kai’s Pinnacle Investment Group LLC was formed in Hilo in 1999. He has worked extensively in the field of financial advisory services since 1991 and has been and is active in various organizations in the Hilo community. For more information about hilohub, located in the Kukuau Plaza at 688 Kinoole Street in Hilo, call Kai at 808-933-1828, visit www.hilohub.com, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @hilohub.

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