Faceless-Headless Mutant Frog Found in Pahoa, Hawaii… ALIVE!

Oh my god… I was just checking out youtube and I ran across this video taken in Pahoa, Hawaii of a frog that is alive and is missing it’s face.

I have no explanation for this other then maybe an animal attacked it or something, but here is the video that was posted on youtube the other day:


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  1. OMG! Thats too weird.

  2. Doesn’t look like that Cane toad is mutated, probably survived an attack by an animal that took its eyes and nose & ears. All of its other organs look intact.

  3. dear God, I’m going to vomit.

  4. I got excited when I read your caption Damon, because back around ’98 my youngest daughter represented Pahoa Inter. at the State Science Fair in Honolulu and her topic was just that – mutant frogs, and how because of their vulnerability they are often mutated. They may have missing toes, extra toes, missing legs, etc. It is usually an indicaton that there is something wrong in the environment, ie. ozone depletion, water polution…you know what I mean. Anyway, this poor creature is not a frog, but a toad. Frogs have sleek, smooth skin, where toads have dry, bumpy skin.It appears to me to be a victim of some horrid person that tortued it, like maybe they put a firecracker in its mouth and lit it. The boys where I grew up loved that one. Toads for some reason are often hurt like this, I guess because they are easy targets. Or perhaps it came into contact with a poison or acid that would cause its flesh to be eaten away like that. Obviously it was hurt sometime recently, because it never would have grown to this size without eating. Sad little guy. I would have tried to give him some worms or something to eat. If it was a “mutant” it would have come out of it’s egg like that, and wouldn’t have survived. It’s just another injured creature, and I hope its not suffering.

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