Secret Service and Presidents… Lunch With the APEC World Leaders

Wow… I was one of just a few folks allowed into a secret room today where the World’s APEC Leaders had lunch this afternoon and I was granted privilege to take pictures of them during their lunch.

The purpose of the luncheon was to welcome the two newest countries presidents to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, Peru’s President Ollanta Humala Tasso and Vietnam’s President Truong Tan Sang.

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  1. […] I find it interesting that they weren’t allowing filming with phones at the time considering the day before I was taking video and pictures of the luncheon with the world leaders. […]

  2. Damon, you have several times mentioned that you work for the federal government as I understand you statements.

    What exactly is your connection to the federal government as an employee?
    mahalos from

  3. Damon’s habit of taking many photos has ended up to his advantage in the past! (proof positive)
    We may find the photos dull, but visuals add meaning and credibility to this site. Congrats Damon!

  4. Damon, I hope you aware that this reads like an unintentional satire on how banal the early days of this “event” have been.

    72 photos?! Of this? Seriously? I hope you at least scored a free plate of those Lifesavers and Hulk poop drizzled with ketchup (or whatever it is shown in your blurry photo).


    • Doug –

      I borrowed my wife’s camera that I have never picked up in my life before.

      I have decided that I’m going to enroll in a photography class… because I too am disappointed w/ my own pictures despite using a great camera.

      I try my best… I’m no professional and I don’t get paid to provide information on my blog.

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