Obstruction of Government Operation Charges Dismissed Against Me – Pictures Released From the Night I Got Arrested at Pahoa Village Cafe

The State of Hawaii, through the undersigned deputy prosecuting attorney, and Damon Tucker, through his counsel Gerard Lee Loy, Esq., hereby stipulate to entry of a nolle prosequi without prejudice in this case in the interests of justice.  Any bail or release conditions should properly be cancelled and bail returned to the poster. 

I always knew I would be vindicated when a government official, interested in honesty and integrity in the prosecution process, would review the evidence contained in my video camera and in my iPhone’s motherboard, and would know that certain police fabricated the claim of my misconduct.

I am hopeful that the prosecutor’s review of the police officers’ conduct in fabricating
claims of my misconduct will lead to better training in the police department about honesty and integrity in preparing police reports, and in selecting honest people to become police.

False reporting is a crime. And so is beating up a 150 pound citizen by a 260 plus pound police officer.

I’d like to apologize to my wife for having to go through some of the stress that I have dealt with in dealing with.

I’d also like to apologize to my son for not being able to show up at many school and extra-curricular functions while I’ve had this legal gorilla on my back.

I’d like to thank those folks that have supported me from the get go… you know who you are.

While my body is healing and the wounds are fading… the memories of that fateful night have haunted me nightly since it happened and I hope now I can move past some of the nightmares and visions I’ve been having of getting slammed onto the ground by a huge police officer for no reason at all.

To the three folks that have investigated my name “Damon Shane Tucker” online and anonymously called the prosecutors office reporting that I was the Sex Offender currently incarcerated in ArizonaI am not that person and I would appreciate it if those rumors stopped immediately. That person is incarcerated until 2062.

The "Damon Shane Tucker" that is incarcerated in Arizona

I value my name and I value my employment with the Federal Government and I value my service to our community. I will continue to do my best to serve our community and my country in the capacity that I have been doing.

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  1. You go Damon! You look so much like him (Not) how could they thik that you were him?

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