8th Annual Kona Surf Film Festival

The 8th Annual Kona Surf Film Festival will be on December 2nd and 3rd this year.

I received the following from festival creator Chad Campbell:

WOOOOO! It’s been a minute.. but! jeez… A lot is going on. the 8th Annual Kona Surf Film Festival is in full swing.. Running dec. 2nd and 3rd.. Films, Music, Art, and its a Benefit for the Seathos Foundation — check the Site www.konasurffilmfestival.org for the whole tostada. 

Chad Campbell's Twitter Profile

Finally got out of a deep writers block  phase and been scribbling lots of MUSIC! .. Buster Brown has been my cohort, along with Deathstyle Media.  and… That’s it really. Surf Film Fest and music.  And like most of us trying to pay the bills!
oh yeah.. working lots with FIRN too. Haj is really stepping it up this year so be on the lookout and support!  oh man, everybody is making moves! almost forgot to mention: check CJ Kanuha’s new trip: www.vgsurf.com ! sick.
Chad Campbell


A Celebration of Hawaii Island… APEC Style

So APEC begins this week and I was scheduled to arrive on Thursday, however I have now changed my flight to Wednesday, thanks to Go!Mokule Airlines.

In today’s Hawaii Tribune Herald it was reported that the Big Island wouldn’t be visited by any dignitaries:

“..No visits from high-ranking dignitaries or official APEC events have been scheduled here, according to county officials, but that doesn’t mean Hawaii Island will be forgotten during the week, they said.

According to Mayor Billy Kenoi, on top of planning to send a contingent to Oahu this week, Hawaii County has been hard at work all year long in anticipation of the APEC summit…”

Well since no one is coming to the Big Island… it looks like the Big Island is going to Oahu!  I received this invitation from the Hawai’i Island Economic Development Board & the Big Island Visitors Bureau to attend “A Celebration of Hawaii Island: Featuring Hawaii’s Finest” at the Elks Lodge in Waikiki.

I’m not sure what will be going on there but I plan on checking it out for a little while.

The Tribune did report that there will be a contingency of folks manning a Big Island booth at the Convention Center:

…A partnership between the county, the Hawaii Island Economic Development Board and the Big Island Visitors Bureau will provide 13 people to man in rotating shifts an exhibit at the Hawaii Convention Center all week, said Randy Kurohara, director of the county’s Research and Development department.

“We plan to have two to three people in the booth at a given time to be able to respond to inquiries on economic opportunities, as well as potential newsworthy stories from our island,” Kurohara said. “Our mayor will be available for interviews and promotions with the international and local media throughout the week…”

And just in case anyone is wondering… I’m paying my own travel expenses and not getting paid to attend this APEC 2011 Conference!

Leaders Week TV – Aloha APEC Delegates

The 2011 APEC Conference in Hawaii is posting videos on its website they have titled “Leaders Week TV“.

Click here to watch APEC Related Videos

Hawaii leaders say “Aloha” to the APEC members arriving in Hawaii this week:

Aloha from Governor Neil Abercrombie:


Aloha from Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle:


Aloha from US Senator Dan Inouye