Special Message From Governor Abercrombie Presented to APEC Distinguished Guests and Visitors

On behalf of the State of Hawai‘i, I would like to extend my aloha to the leaders, ministers, CEOs, distinguished guests and visitors from the member economies of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Hawai‘i is world-renowned for our natural beauty and warm hospitality. We would like to take this opportunity to show you that Hawai‘i has so much more to offer to the world.

In Hawai‘i, a spirit of discovery and entrepreneurship has led to excellence in many industries including the fields of clean and renewable energy; sky, ocean and earth sciences; life and health sciences; and the meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions market.

As you read the stories featured in this special edition of Hawai‘i Business magazine, you will appreciate Hawai‘i as a place for emerging technology and international business and investment.

Our community feels privileged to have been selected to host APEC 2011, and we look forward to sharing our islands, our hospitality and our aloha spirit.

Neil Abercrombie, Governor State of Hawaii

2 Responses

  1. Did Abercrombie’s visit to Asia and Japan talk anything about the island of waste floating out in the ocean from the Tsunami? What’s the plan to clean that up?
    What about the new fission reaction going on in the meltdown reactors of the Fukushima power plant?

    Lets promote more economic growth in Asia that will require more sources of power and more disaster. Great for Hawaii and great for the planet! yeah!

  2. He should have added “I hope you all appreciate the fact that we’ve cut our funding for services to abused children so that we can afford all the expensive improvements to the airport, Waikiki, and any place any of you exalted folks might visit or look at, just to make your experience here more special. Really, there’s no limit how far we’re willing to go in toadying up to the rich and powerful. Aloha!”

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