Odorous House Ants Now in Hawaii

Great! First it was the Little Fire Ants that bothered me…  now I have to worry about Odorous ones!

…Odorous house ants — so called because they tend to invade houses and smell like coconut when smashed — have found their way to Hawaii. And, according to Purdue University entomologist Grzegorz Buczkowski, it doesn’t seem as though they have plans to end their vacations.

”Odorous house ants in Hawaii are not like they are here in natural areas where they live in small colonies. They are creating megacolonies like they do in urban areas,” said Buczkowski, whose findings were published in the journal Myrmecological News. “We went there to eliminate the ants, but we found it’s too late to treat for them...”

More Here: Invasive Ants March in Hawaii

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  1. I didn’t even know such ants existed! Smell of coconut when smashed – well that sounds not so bad. I mean it would be much worse if they smelled of something less pleasant.

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