Department of Health Cites Kitagawa Towing and Metal Recycling for Permit Violations

The Hawai‘i State Department of Health (DOH) has filed a notice and finding of violation and order against Kitagawa Towing and Metal Recycling. The violations were found during a routine permit compliance inspection, occurred at 30 Hobron Avenue in Kahului on Maui, and involved multiple and significant violations of the facility’s solid waste management permit.

Tires on the side of the road from "The Big Clean Up… Take a Stand for Your Land – Hawaii Ocean View Estates"

Violations found at the facility included the failure to take measures to prevent the discharge of fluids (such as used oil and gasoline) or to assess and mitigate the release of fluids; the failure to construct and operate the facility in accordance with application materials, operations manual, or permit; the improper storage of unprocessed vehicles; the improper storage of waste tires; the improper storage of lead acid batteries; the improper storage of waste fluids; and the failure to prevent mixing of waste streams with other material.

My son and I pick up huge batteries that were disposed on the roadside

The DOH has imposed a penalty of $73,900, suspended the facility’s solid waste management permit, and ordered the facility to cease operations. The penalty takes into account the extent of deviation from the law and the potential for harm. Kitagawa Towing and Metal Recycling may request a hearing to contest the allegations or order.

The DOH Solid Waste Section regulates standards governing the design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of solid waste disposal, recycling, reclamation, and transfer systems.

Such standards are intended to prevent pollution of the drinking water supply or waters of the state; prevent air pollution; prevent the spread of disease and the creation of nuisances; protect the public health and safety; conserve natural resources; and preserve and enhance the beauty and quality of the environment.

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