Motorcycle Rider Dies Near Lava Tree State Park on Route 132

The following Nixle report came in today:

Route 132 closed below Nanawale Blvd (Kaululaau Rd) to just above Lava Tree State Park due to traffic crash.


A friend of mine reported the following:

R**** was heading back from Pahoa about 3 pm and went past a horrible accident. He stopped to offer assistance but there were many people already there. Does anyone know how the woman did? 911 had already been called but not there yet when he stopped.

R**** was really upset when he got home as he said the woman wasn’t breathing it appeared and had a cut on her head that didn’t bleed (and those usually bleed profusely) and the man kept checking on her and it reminded him of the mongoose we had that lost its mate.

He knew it wasnt A****** (couple was in their 40’s/50’s).

Husband and wife riding side by side on 2 bikes.

Unfortunately I just heard from another friend the following:

” Saw a motorcyclist get KILLED by a tow-truck…..”


A 53-year-old Hilo woman died Sunday (October 23) from injuries she sustained in a motorcycle crash on Kapoho-Pahoa Road .2 miles south of the 2-mile marker,

Responding to a 2:55 p.m. call, Puna patrol officers determined that the victim was operating a 1999 Honda motorcycle and traveling north on Kapoho-Pahoa Road, when she ran off the right side of the road, lost control and struck a guardrail.

She was not wearing a helmet.

Fire Rescue personnel took her to Hilo Medical Center, where she died at 6:48 p.m.

Police believe that speed may have been a factor in this crash. They do not suspect any alcohol or drug use.

The name of the victim is being withheld pending positive identification and notification of the next of kin.

Traffic Enforcement Unit officers have initiated a coroner’s inquest case and have ordered an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

This is the 18th traffic fatality on the Big Island this year compared with 23 at this time last year.


The 53-year-old woman who died Sunday (October 23) from injuries she sustained in a motorcycle crash on Kapoho-Pahoa Road has been identified as Jill E. Peterson of Hilo.

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  1. I saw a tow-truck pull over so maybe thats where the tow-truck statement came in. Wow, sad day in Puna.

  2. She was 52. And he was ahead of her.

  3. I was behind both bikers, a man and wife. I let them pass at the “Hot Dog Guy’s” corner, as I had to stop at sign. I saw them riding past Lava Tree Park as I made the corner. As I drove into the S curve at the top I was almost sideswiped by a white hatchback flashing its lights, I slowed down as I came around the corner and saw her bike end on the ground, she was already motionless on the ground and an SUV was pulling off the other side of the road. I stopped and called 911. She was not breathing and as I talked to the dispatch she started to gasp for breath. Her husband was in a state of panic as I told dispatch she was breathing. I waited for medical to arrive and was told they were getting a chopper and paramedics would be there shortly. When police and paramedics arrived I had no alternative but to leave and let them do their jobs. I have prayed all night as I worked as a tour guide, only now to find out the outcome of this tragic day. My heartfelt sympathies to her family and friends.

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