Wordless Wednesday – World Hagfish Day

Not all of the world’s wonders can be as cute as the koala or graceful as the gazelle. Today we’re celebrating Hagfish Day, the annual event to honor the denizens of the deep that may be seaworthy, but aren’t so see-worthy. As fantastic as they are repulsive, these marine misfits are marvels of evolutionary ingenuity.


A Hagfish

Slime, or mucus is used by many animals both on land and in the sea, but Hagfish have the outstanding ability to defend themselves by producing an incredible slime when touched.


It comes from the glands along the side of their body, and within minutes literally liters of it can be produced. Despite being one of the most primitive vertebrates alive, this rare species is certainly strange and wonderful! Our oceans harbor amazing species that despite being a bit weird, are still worth protecting.

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