Ultimate Barista Challenge Coming to the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

For the first time, the 41st Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, November 4 – 14, 2011, will feature the international event Ultimate Barista Challenge® Hawaii and a Kona Barista Jam. As attendees from all over the world participate in the Festival, Island Baristi will come together for a rousing two days of barista hands on training sessions designed to increase coffee skills, share passion and increase local consumption followed by the celebrated UBC Hawaii barista competition. Both events occur at the Keauhou Beach Resort on November 9th and 10th, 1 – 6 pm.

The Kona Barista Jam 2011

The Ultimate Barista Challenge (UBC) ® Hawaii will feature two tasty bouts of espresso challenges, the popular Latte Art Challenge where baristi prepare intricate designs with espresso and steamed milk. Drinks will be judged on Visual Design and Taste. The Espresso Frappe Challenge features iced blended drinks of the baristi own creation, where balance of espresso and ingredients is important. Baristi, who win the qualifying round, face international barista champion Ultimate Barista Heather Perry in a one-on-one dueling Final Challenge of fast-paced espresso excellence. Top scoring barista becomes the Ultimate Barista! UBC certified judges are chefs within the community, coffee tasting specialists, and food writers.  Top scoring local barista will win a trip to attend the annual Specialty Coffee Association of America conference in Portland, Oregon April 2012.

WholeCup Coffee Consulting


Dr. Shawn Steiman, coffee scientist and consultant, Coffea Consulting, “The Kona Barista Jam and Ultimate Barista Challenge are about education and friendly competition.  What better way to unite the Hawaii coffee industry and get people excited about coffee quality?”

Participation in the Jam and UBC are $50 with all proceeds going to the Festival.

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