Pilot Opens Cockpit Door and Proposes to Flight Attendant Over the Hawaiian Islands

I’ll file this down under the sweet… but I’m not so sure about this file!

An airplane pilot opens the cockpit door in mid-flight and proposes to a flight attendant on board the plane over the Hawaiian Island of Lanai.

Pilot Proposes to Flight Attendant

A Pilot Proposes to Flight Attendant in Mid-Flight

I just noticed the following video and before folks jump all over any airlines here in Hawaii… I’ll be the first to confirm that it was not a Go Airline pilot that pulled this stunt in mid-air with passengers aboard the plane.

This is what the pilot says about his video:

“Flying over the Hawaiian Islands, just passing the Island of Lanai. This is how and where I proposed to my wife. Good thing she said yes!


Of course it appears that all of this appears to be a stunt for the website Ring of Finger where couples are encouraged to send in wacky marriage proposals.  Their motto is “Videos of Heartwarming Proposals Sent in by Lovebirds across the world.

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  1. She’s lying. Poor pilot. Watch her eye movement in the end. Classic sign of eye direction and lying.
    Neuro Linguistic Programming.

    Her eyes move to her upper right, your upper left at the end when she says ” I am so doing this”

    Then again she could be left handed and its all good! lol

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