Ed Case Comments on Linda Lingle’s Candidacy Announcement for the Senate

U. S. Senate candidate Ed Case (D) had these comments today on Linda Lingle’s announced candidacy for the Senate:

I welcome Linda Lingle to the U. S. Senate election. Hawai‘i’s voters couldn’t have a clearer choice among very different candidates in the most important election in a generation.

Hawai‘i needs a Senator who will apply our values to the changes so deeply needed on Capitol Hill. Those values, my values, are best represented by the Democratic Party, while Linda’s first vote in the Senate would be for a leadership and agenda that would tank our economy, skimp on education and welsh on our promises to seniors and veterans.

Hawai‘i needs a Senator who will reject purely partisan politics and get things done. Despite what she’ll say, that wasn’t Linda’s record as Governor and she deserted Hawai‘i at crucial times to campaign for mainland Republicans.

Hawai‘i needs a Senator who will listen to us. I did that in 172 Talk Stories across Hawai‘i, while Linda carefully stage-managed her every communication.

If nominated, I ask Linda to travel with me throughout Hawai‘i to discuss our values side-by-side where voters can size us up for themselves. Only then can voters decide who can best find that better way forward for our Hawai‘i and country.

Ed Case will be available for questions on Lingle’s candidacy and the Senate race at 2PM this afternoon, October 11th, at his Honolulu campaign headquarters at Ward Warehouse, 2nd Floor. Questions to Campaign Coordinator Sarah Kaopuiki at (808) 596-4920

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