My Thoughts on The UH Hilo Media Symposium

Last Saturday the University of Hawaii Hilo Student Paper, Ke Kalahea, along with numerous community organizations sponsored a Media Symposium that was held in a few rooms of  the University of Hawaii Hilo’s Campus Center.

The UH Hilo Media Symposium was well attended

I have to give credit to the Ke Kalahea Advisor and Big Island Chronicle founder Tiffany Edwards-Hunt for her hard work in putting this together.

Tiffany Edwards Hunt and Jay Hartwell

Tiffany Edwards Hunt and Jay Hartwell go over the AP Quiz that we all learned seems to be changing each and every year

I guess I have to write good things about the symposium since my fee to it was waived because I was going to write a blog post about the symposium.  How ironic is that… considering I get so much grief given to me at times for taking freebies? Now I get a freebie to a “Media Forum” because I’m going to blog about it later… the irony of that, makes me laugh a bit.

Campus Center Room 301

Campus Center Room 301 was where much of the symposium took place

I arrived as the Introduction to Blogging/New Media Journalism Panel was beginning, a panel that I had been asked to speak on but declined for my own reasons.  Ian Lind, John Temple (Civil Beat) and Andy Parx were talking about the use of blogs and how blogging has changed the way folks receive information.

Ian Lind, Andy Parx and John Temple talk about Blogging and New Media Journalism

Ian Lind, Andy Parx and John Temple talk about Blogging and New Media Journalism

I’m still a bit confused about the following statement that Andy Parx made on his post following the symposium:

…The “Old Media versus New Media” panel contained the mucky-mucks of Hawai`i journalism… and Andy Parx- who almost didn’t get to go because one of the sponsors said with an upturned nose “he’s just a blogger…”

I’m not going to worry about that too much, although it does show in a sense that us bloggers are still disrespected as viable sources for information.

Old Media versus New Media Panel

Old Media versus New Media Panel (left to right) Ian Lind, Baron Sekiya, Andy Parx, Hugh Clark, Moderator Kathy Frankovic, Nancy Cook Lauer (hidden), John Temple, Brenda Salgado and Steve Petranik

There were numerous topics discussed throughout the day from the Sunshine Law, to Ethics in Journalism, to Current Trends  which my favorite quote of the day was when West Hawaii Today Journalist and All Hawaii News publisher Nancy Cook Lauer stated that she gets most of her news from twitter.

Dr. Rick Castberg discusses citizens rights and responsibilities

Dr. Rick Castberg discusses citizens rights and responsibilities

The Citizens Rights and Responsibilities class lead by UH Professor Dr. Rick Castberg got me emotionally involved due to the topic matter as Dr. Castberg spent a good time discussing my legal case which I didn’t know he was going to do until right before the class .

One of the last subjects covered during the day was “Fair use in the age of new media” moderated by Stephanie Salazar.

Fair use in the age of new media

Fair use in the age of new media with (left to right) Baron Sekiya, Steve Strauss Dr. Rick Castberg and Senator Les Ihara moderated by Stephanie Salazar

Here are some of the other posts that were generated from the symposium:

Tiffany has already mentioned possibly having another one next year that I already have a bunch of ideas tossing around in my head that I’ll be passing onto her if she does have another symposium next year… one of them being to spread it out over two days as there is just so much information to be taken in and one day is hardly enough time for everything.

*I will eventually find out who that sponsor was that didn’t want Andy Parx to attend because he was a blogger!

4 Responses

  1. Regarding the paragraph that prompted Tiff’s comment, it’s good to see that you admit that you’re a shill, despite what you claim in “About This Site”:

    “I don’t get compensated for what I blog about other then free tickets at times….. I’ll try my best to represent what I’m blogging about as I’m blogging about sponsored events.
    If you know or think your event sucks… it would be better not to ask me to cover it… because I will say it sucks.”

    And while we’re on About This Site, apparently you missed the additional irony of you using “snippets” from other bloggers’s sites without attribution or credit followed by “PLEASE DO NOT USE CONTENT FROM MY SITE WITHOUT CONSENT.”

  2. Are you serious? Bragging that you didn’t pay the media symposium fee? You owe UHH $20 and so does your lawyer, brah!

  3. Thanks for posting about the symposium — I was very sorry to miss it… but at least glad to read about … and appreciate the links to other sites on this event.

    Also thanks to Tiffany for her efforts making this event happen.

    Hope to join you next year. M Wille

  4. I was nice to finally meet you. I too was surprised by the main subject of the Citizens Rights and Responsibilities section… You. Still it was an interesting discussion of the role of the media in our community and how we might be able to effect change.

    You need to let me know when you are passing through Waimea. Maybe a chance to sit down and talk a bit. Lunch is on me.

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