Big Island Ka’u Coffee Now Available at Select Starbucks Locations

Coffees from Hawaii’s Ka’u district have earned both the SCAA Coffee of the Year Award and Grand Champion of Hawaiian Coffee in 2010 and 2011. Coffees from this newly discovered micro-origin are now available at select Starbucks coffeehouses.

Kau Local Products

Ka’u coffee is cultivated on small family farms on the southeast flanks of Mauna Loa at elevations ranging from 1200 to 2300 feet. Ka’u is exceptional for its deep, fertile volcanic soils, morning sun and gentle afternoon rains. Ka’u farmers’ attention to detail, passion and aloha for their crop comes through in the quality of the cup. Ka’u coffees are multi-varietal, lending to its complexity. Ka’u coffee is handpicked, processed in small batches and dried by the rays of the tropical Hawaiian sun.

“We are pleased to see that customers are discovering the fresh coconut flavors with sweet caramel and citrus notes that are distinct characteristics of the Ka’u cup,” said Chris Manfredi, Ka’u Local Products’ President. “This is another important step on Ka’u’s journey to establish itself as a premium coffee growing origin.”

Now through mid-November, Ka’u coffee will be featured at Starbucks stores under the Starbucks Reserve® program. Starbucks Reserve® coffees provide customers with a premium coffee experience and are brewed by the cup for each customer through the Clover® brewing machine, elevated pour over, or coffee press.

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