Farm to Fork Hawaii – A Localvore Dinner

Farm to Fork Hawaii

2011 Ford Ironman Road Closures

2011 Ford Ironman Road Closures

Get A Job or Run With the Bulls… Hawaii Movie Premiers at the Marbella Internacional Film Festival

GET A JOB,” the award-winning motion picture comedy produced entirely in Hawaii and starring Willie K, Eric Gilliom, and many of the island’s top entertainers and musicians, will screen its European premiere at the Marbella Internacional Film Festival ( at 2 p.m. on Sunday October 16, 2011. The Festival will be held October 14-16, in Marbella. Spain.

Get a Job... The Movie

With the help of longtime writing partner Ernesto Ocampo, writer/director Brian Kohne recently completed a version that features Spanish sub-titles, and is looking forward to presenting “Get A Job” in Europe. “One of Spain’s respected Directors, Pedro Almodóvar, is a master of screwball comedy.” Says Kohne. “We are excited to share our Hawaiian-style farce with the audience in Marbella, and in the process of translation we discovered the humor to be quite conducive to Spanish translation.”

In addition to Brian, “GET A JOB” star Eric Gilliom will also be attending the festival in Marbella. “Europeans are very appreciative of the art and music of other cultures, so it’s really no surprise that we are being welcomed in Marbella.” Said Eric. “So many people on Maui worked for many years to realize this project – and Brian and I are proud to represent our culture overseas on behalf of the cast, crew, and supporters of this groundbreaking project. We like to think that ours will just be the first of many movies to travel beyond our shores from Hawaii filmmakers in the coming years.”

The movie has been on a hot streak since entering the 2011 Film Festival circuit, including the win in July of “Jury Award” in the Las Vegas Film Festival, which is akin to runner up for best of show (Grand Jury Award) out of over 1000 movies that were in consideration. In fact, “GET A JOB” has won top prizes in each of the four Film Festivals in which it has screened:

  • BIG ISLAND FILM FESTIVAL (May) – “”Best Hawaiian Feature,” “Audience Choice Award.”    
  • DETROIT WINDSOR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (June) – “”Best Comedy.”               
  • VENTURA FILM FESTIVAL (July) – “Best Comedy.”
  • LAS VEGAS FILM FESTIVAL (July) – ”Jury Award.”

“GET A JOB!” is written and directed by Brian Kohne, produced by Stefan Schaefer, and stars Willie K and Eric Gilliom. It also boasts special appearances by superstars Mick Fleetwood, Willie Nelson, and Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers. “GET A JOB” is an unconventional musical featuring 27 songs from the islands, including eighteen by the Barefoot Natives (

Big Island Teacher Recognized at the Capitol for Work with Cultural-Based Learning Program

Bonnie Pua Case, a teacher at Waimea Middle School, was honored today with a certificate of recognition from the Hawaii State Legislature at the Outstanding Advocates for Children and Youth Awards Luncheon.

As part of Hawaii’s Children and Youth Month, the Hawaii Outstanding Advocate for Children and Youth Award was established by the Hawaii State Legislature to recognize the superb commitment and efforts demonstrated by organizations and individuals that protect and promote Hawaii’s youth. Thirteen individuals and organizations were honored this year.

Case was nominated by Rep. Cindy Evans for her notable achievements and work at Waimea Middle School. She has served the school as a classroom teacher, the Student Services Coordinator and, most recently, the ‘Ike Hawaii Resource Teacher.

The ‘Ike Hawaii cultural learning program plays an integral and essential part in guiding the school’s objectives in Hawaiian-focused cultural curriculum, projects, practices and perspectives.

“Pua has been an inspiration at Waimea Middle School,” said Rep. Evans. “She is committed to the ‘Ike Hawaii cultural learning program that strives toward connecting culture to curriculum and tying tradition to technology. We are very proud of her achievements and dedication and commitment to educating Hawaii’s youth.”

As a mentor and kupuna, Case strives to inspire each child to understand and love their culture and land (aina). She encourages children to have a sense of pride and respect for their Hawaiian heritage through storytelling and hula workshops, and the teaching of chants, history and geography. In addition, with the ‘Ike Hawaii Mala’ai school garden workshops, Case has provided a hands-on experience for students to learn the importance of working and cultivating the aina to maintain a sustainable community while collaborating with others in the community. The program is designed to connect students to cultural lifestyles and resource practitioners in the community.

The program focuses on the theme of “Sense of Place, Sense of Identity,” which was selected to nurture connection to the places, traditions, history and heritage that surround the student’s everyday life. A sample semester of events for 7th graders would include: introduction to Hawaiian language; lessons on traditions, culture and lifestyle of Kamehameha; site visits to the PIKO Gallery for Social Studies lessons; pa’u lesson and horse lei-making service project for Aloha Festivals Parade; and a hands-on lesson on making cordage as was done in the Pacific and Hawaii as shown in their textbooks. These are just a few of the many lessons with the “make it real” component of the ‘Ike program initiative.

Big Island Ka’u Coffee Now Available at Select Starbucks Locations

Coffees from Hawaii’s Ka’u district have earned both the SCAA Coffee of the Year Award and Grand Champion of Hawaiian Coffee in 2010 and 2011. Coffees from this newly discovered micro-origin are now available at select Starbucks coffeehouses.

Kau Local Products

Ka’u coffee is cultivated on small family farms on the southeast flanks of Mauna Loa at elevations ranging from 1200 to 2300 feet. Ka’u is exceptional for its deep, fertile volcanic soils, morning sun and gentle afternoon rains. Ka’u farmers’ attention to detail, passion and aloha for their crop comes through in the quality of the cup. Ka’u coffees are multi-varietal, lending to its complexity. Ka’u coffee is handpicked, processed in small batches and dried by the rays of the tropical Hawaiian sun.

“We are pleased to see that customers are discovering the fresh coconut flavors with sweet caramel and citrus notes that are distinct characteristics of the Ka’u cup,” said Chris Manfredi, Ka’u Local Products’ President. “This is another important step on Ka’u’s journey to establish itself as a premium coffee growing origin.”

Now through mid-November, Ka’u coffee will be featured at Starbucks stores under the Starbucks Reserve® program. Starbucks Reserve® coffees provide customers with a premium coffee experience and are brewed by the cup for each customer through the Clover® brewing machine, elevated pour over, or coffee press.

Video of the 2011 Kona Underpants Run… “The Whitey Tighty”

Here is video of the 2011 Kona Underpants Run otherwise known as the “The Kona Whitey Tighty Run”

The Kona underpants run is a tradition on the Thursday of Ironman week.

2011 Kona Underwear Run

The race was started by Paul Huddle and Roch Frey in 1997 to poke fun at the Ironman athletes that roam around the town in tiny skin-tight suits.

Here is video of the event as they run down Ali’i Drive in Kailua-Kona.