Latest True Blood Cast Member Kristina Anapau to Present Workshop at UH Hilo Sunday

The Big Island Film office and the University of Hawaii at Hilo Performing Arts Department have teamed up to bring local girl Kristina Anapau home for a one-day acting workshop covering the business of film and television.

The workshop will be held this Sunday, October 9th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at UH Hilo.

Kristina Anapau Workshop

Anapau’s most recent role on television was the character of “Maurella” in the HBO series True Blood and when I asked her if she would be returning to the role next season she stated, “The creators of the show like to keep what is to come a secret and I honor that completely.”

Anapau did send me a few still shots from the episode that she was in:


Kristina Anapau playing the role of Maurella on True Blood

I asked Kristina what her initial reaction was when she found out that she had been chosen to play the role of “Maurella” on True Blood and she stated,  “I was thrilled.  I absolutely love Alan Ball’s work and True Blood is one of the best shows on television.


Maurella captured fans attention during last seasons True Blood and wonder if she will be back for the next season

I noticed that Anapau seems to play characters in a lot of suspense type of movies and so I asked her what her favorite suspense movies were and she noted that “Sea of Love” and “Witness” were two incredible suspense films that she favorites.

Don't mess with Maurella

Don't mess with Maurella

I had the opportunity to meet Kristina at last years Big Island Film Festival and when I asked her if she was going to be present for this years film festival she said, “I love the festival and adore Leo and Jan Sears.  If I’m not filming at that time, I’d love to attend next years fest.”

Kristina at the Big Island Film Festival

Kristina at last years Big Island Film Festival

I asked Kristina if she believes in vampires and she said, “Yes, but not the kind that suck your blood.”


Dang Blood Suckers!

I asked Anapau what she would like to say to Big Island residents in general about the upcoming workshop at UH Hilo and she said,  “I’m very excited to be able to share a bit of what I’ve learned throughout the years.  There is a lot of talent on the Big Island…I hope my experiences and guidance will inspire the attendees to go out and make their own dreams a reality.”

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